Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Addition to our Family

I know you all will be very surprised. You may even wonder why we didn't call and tell you. But, we thought this would be the best way to tell everyone at the same time.
We have adopted. The new addition joined us today.
Yes, Allyson has a baby brother. We didn't have a lot of notice. You may not have even known that we were trying to adopt.
We were thrilled when we found out we would be getting him before Christmas.
Our family is rejoicing! We know all of our friends will, too.
We may get some strange looks because our baby does not look like us, but we DON'T CARE! We will love him anyway.
I know you are dying to see his picture.
So, here he is.

Did I get you!? LOL!
This was a project for Allyson and me.

She had so much fun putting the candy on.
She's very proud of her "baby brother." She named him Gin-Er Bread Man.
Urm, yes, sometimes we just let Allyson wear her pull-up. Nice, I know!
Adorable, isn't he?
On Saturday, we went to Albany to meet Michael's mom and nephew, Josh.
We ate at Longhorn. It was great! We really enjoyed the visit.
After dinner, we swapped gifts. Allyson had so much fun opening gifts from Grandma.
She loved all her gifts, especially the Tinkerbell doll.

What do you give the woman who gave you the best gift you've ever received?
Easy. A Mother-in-law basket. You just fill it with everything that you think a gift basket should have. For instance: Bath & Body Works soaps/lotions, home fragrance, a photo album/frame, jewelry, and of course, something monogrammed.

Holiday Candy Making

This tray includes (from middle, out) reindeer food, orange balls, and fudge. I have been asked for the Orange Ball recipe, so here it is.
Orange Balls
1 box Nilla wafers, crushed
1 C. confectioners sugar
1/4 C. butter, room temp.
3/4 C. orange juice concentrate
1/2 t. vanilla extract
Flaked coconut for coating
Combine cookie crumbs and confectioners sugar. Blend in butter. Stir in orange juice concentrate. Add vanilla. Shape mixture into balls. Shake each ball in a bag with flaked coconut. Arrange in single layer on wax paper. Store uncovered overnight in fridge. Makes 3 dozen.
Merry Christmas, everyone. We hope Santa is good to you!
Love, the Paces


Amber said...

I love it when you're off from work, you post a lot more!

Stacia said...

I almost thought you went out and adopted a dog or something!! :-) But that 'little brother' is very sweet and I'm sure Allyson will enjoy him. I know she loved making it with you!

Ben and Tabby said...

I also thought maybe there was a new puppy in the house! You are so funny! The gin-er bread man looks great! Glad you had a good visit with Mike's family!

Have a Merry Christmas!