Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Dental Visist

On Monday, Allyson went to the dentist for the first time. She climbed right up in the chair and wasn't scared a bit!
Barb, our hygentist, was very patient and explained everything. She was awesome! They joked and laughed!
Allyson let her clean and floss her teeth. She actually laughed as Barb flossed because Barb told he it would tickle.
Barb said she wished all her first-timers were as easy and well-behaved as Allyson. (This made us soooo proud!) Barb gave Allyson a Hello Kitty Christmas coloring book and allowed her to choose 5 toys from the treasure box. She also got 2 new toothbrushes.
I gave her dad the report and he was pleased. "Going to the dentist is very important," says Daddy. :D
After her visit, she took a long nap. Well, we had been at Monkey Joes earlier that day. At dinner, she asked when she could go back to the dentist. hehe
Allyson's first dental visit
Nov. 22, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A "Picnik" Lunch

Today, we had lunch with Allyson's Pre-K class. It was Thanksgiving lunch.

Obviously, it was not a pic-nic lunch, but I had fun editing my pictures using
It's free and fun to use.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, The Paces

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Rock-tober" 2010

October is my favorite month! This past October ROCKED! Here are a few highlights...
My birthday was on the 18th. We went with some friends to Zen Japanese Steakhouse. It was delicious! You can't beat the entertainment! :)

The following weekend was the Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat. We just did a Fall theme for our trunk this year. Autumn stayed with us so that we could take her.

Allyson was Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale this year. She dressed up 4 times for different occasions. I was glad to get our money's worth out of the costume!
Fall Festival bonfire
Random picture of Allyson coloring in the bathtub.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Sarah & I hosted a Tailgate Party Salad Supper. My next post will be about that. Here's some cute pics of Allyson & Abigail from that night.

Another random picture of Allyson coloring

Allyson's PACT time at school-Pumpkin carving!

Daddy carving our pumpkin at home

Trick or Treater Piper came by

In addition to all of these activities, I was able to go out of town twice. That was my previous post. I love Rock-tober, I mean October! :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Getaway(s)

In October, I was blessed to go out of town twice. We went on a family trip to Pine Mountain, Georgia. And, the following weekend was the Ladies Retreat on Tybee Island, Georgia.
Here's the cabin we stayed in at Pine Mountain near Callaway Gardens.

Allyson has become quite the little poser these days. Here she is next to our well.

We enjoyed our fireplace even though it was a warm weekend.

Our cabin had a loft where Allyson slept. She loved it!

Okay, honestly, the pictures of outside that cabin weren't the one we actually stayed in. That was the Pioneer House at Callaway. I feel really bad for not taking pictures of the outside of our cabin. :(
Here are more pictures from Callaway.

The chapel. My aunt was married here.

I love the stained glass. So pretty.

The birds of prey show

The Butterfly House

The following day, we went to Wild Animal Safari. There is a zoo to walk around and a safari where you ride around and feed wild animals.

Cheeky Buffalo

This large animal would have eaten our entire cup of food!

The rhino couldn't get near us. He might charge. But, he was cool!

This guy is on vacation. Soon, he'll be heading back to help Santa.
Back to the zoo. It was later in the day and we pretty much had the entire zoo area to ourselves.

On top of Pine Mountain
More posing...

Ladies Retreat 2010

We ate here on River Street in Savannah. Very good chicken tenders. They are served with honey. Yum!

The people you meet on River Street...:)

Never know what you might see...a huge pumpkin,
A girl in a tissue paper dress...

Here was our room. I shared with Kelli.

Andrea & Angela's room

The living area

Chilling on the back porch...We had a hot tub, too. So nice!

Tybee Beach pics. Some say this beach isn't pretty. I disagree.

This year's organizers Renee, Cheryl, & Suzy. It was the most laid-back, relaxing retreat I've been on.

Can't wait for next year!