Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Dental Visist

On Monday, Allyson went to the dentist for the first time. She climbed right up in the chair and wasn't scared a bit!
Barb, our hygentist, was very patient and explained everything. She was awesome! They joked and laughed!
Allyson let her clean and floss her teeth. She actually laughed as Barb flossed because Barb told he it would tickle.
Barb said she wished all her first-timers were as easy and well-behaved as Allyson. (This made us soooo proud!) Barb gave Allyson a Hello Kitty Christmas coloring book and allowed her to choose 5 toys from the treasure box. She also got 2 new toothbrushes.
I gave her dad the report and he was pleased. "Going to the dentist is very important," says Daddy. :D
After her visit, she took a long nap. Well, we had been at Monkey Joes earlier that day. At dinner, she asked when she could go back to the dentist. hehe
Allyson's first dental visit
Nov. 22, 2010


Harry said...

Well, whatever preparations you did with Allys before her dental visit were clearly effective. And because her 1st visit has gone well, I'm sure she'll be eager to visit the dentist regularly.

Harry Bronson

Fred Collinsworth said...

She looks relaxed and comfortable. She is even smiling on this picture! Awesome kid you have here. I can see that she has the potential to be a dentist someday.

Fred Collinsworth

Nannie Livingstone said...

You should be proud of Allyson that she is excited to visit her dentist. What did you do to get her excited that way? I bet you're going to treat her after the visit. :) Well, she should visit her dentist after every 6 months, just to make sure that her teeth are growing healthy. That goes to you too as well.

Nannie Livingstone

Avis Charland said...

Wow! Allyson did a really good job in her first dental check-up. How has it been since then? I’m sure she even developed more exemplary dental habits based on how she did on her first try. :)

Avis Charland

Trinidad said...

Dental hygienists would definitely have a great time if all their patients are like your little Allyson. It's so cute that she's looking forward to her next visit. Ahh, the hygienist must be so good with kids! :)

-Trinidad Philipps