Sunday, September 19, 2010

Many Moons Ago...

...I last updated by blog!
But, I promise that it's not because nothing has been going on! Quite the contrary! Michael is back working on his degree online. So, I haven't been able to get the laptop very often.
As a result...this is kinda, sorta a long post!
But, I will keep the commentary short and let you just enjoy the photos!
Family Fun Night-Aug. 21, 2010
Bowling was fun, but not cheap!
Allyson sleeping one night with all her "Barbies" lined up next to her.

Helping to wash the car.

Allyson's 4th Birthday-August 24, 2010
Allyson awoke to the house being decked out in Disney Princesses.
Birthday Princess
Lighting the candles and wearing outfit #2. Mama made the cake as you can tell! She loved it anyway!
Make a wish!
Opening presents and wearing outfit #3. I'm not sure why she changed clothes so much!
She got a Disney Princess bed set.
Putting some lip gloss on Daddy.
Baby Piper came by to wish Allyson a Happy Birthday.
Aunt Issa & Uncle Jody brought her a Cinderella carriage.

Abigail went for a "ride".

Allyson insisted that her bed be changed that night.
I must tell you that when she said her prayer before dinner, she said "Thank you God for letting me have my birthday." It brought a tear to my eye.
The following Saturday, she invited 2 friends to join her to go to McDonald's and Build-a-Bear.
My parents and my sister and her family joined us, too. Papa's being silly!
My niece, Carlee, is so sweet!

The birthday table
Opening presents. We've watched The Island Princess ALOT since the party!
A Leapster 2. That's cool.
But, what is this?
"Mama! Look!"
Of course, she had to change right away!
The McDonald's on Bass Rd. in Macon is super nice! It worked out great for our little group.
Time to Build some Bears!
Carlee is getting a bear, too!
Brad and Mike seemed pretty stoked to be Building Bears!

Buzz Lightbear

Yesterday, Allyson's friend, Ella, had a dress-up tea party. Allyson went as a Bride. I made her a veil and tried to do her hair the way it was done at Disney. I'm not a pro, though!

Getting ready to kiss the frog on the lips.
She was right on it. I think those girls could see!
Everything was tiny-sized.

Happy Birthday, Ella!