Sunday, December 26, 2010

An After-Christmas Recipe

If you find yourself sick the day after Christmas, which I did this year, you can make a delicious soup to help you to feel better. Or, you may just need to do something with all your left-over mashed potatoes! :)
After-Christmas Potato Soup
You'll need:
1 can chicken broth
3-4 heaping tablespoons of mashed potatoes
4 oz of shredded turkey
4 oz shredded ham
1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar
Stir on medium heat and let simmer until hot. Serves 2.
Hopefully, I'll be all better tomorrow. I gotta check out all the after-Christmas deals! :)
Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fast "Paced"

I am quite behind in updating my blog, so guess what. This post goes back to...
We went to Gray so that Allyson and Caleb could trick-or-treat together. First, we had some supper.

Then, it was time to get CANDY!
Random pic of Allyson napping on my shoulder as I sat in our recliner.

Back in November, we went to see Disney Princesses on Ice.

At the end, all the princesses came out in golden ball gowns. Allyson loved it all!

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my mom and dad's. Here's my sister and me with our kids.

Later, we took a walk by the pond. There are huge rocks that Allyson likes to climb.

The day after Thanksgiving, while I was shopping, Mike and Allyson went to see his dad, Grandpop.

Earlier this month, we went to our church Christmas party. We have it at a nursing home each year. We pass gifts out to the residents and enjoy cookies and punch. The kids get to have a picture made on Santa's lap.

Ironically, Laney & Ella wore the same shirt Allyson had on. Apparently, their mom did a little after-Christmas shopping at Belk last year, too. :)

Last weekend, we went to Hailey's birthday party. She had a Polar Express themed-party. It was a lot of fun and all the decorations were so cute. Allyson said she wants a Polar Express birthday party for when she's 5. But, her Dad and I explained that it won't be a fun theme in August. And, maybe a Barbie party would be more appropriate. She agreed.

Hailey's dad punched everyone's ticket.

At the party, there was a Hot Chocolate Bar. It was stocked with whipped cream, marshmallows, choc chips, mini candy canes, and sprinkles. I tried to take pictures of the festive beverages, but they were all out of focus. :(
Well, Mike & I just graduated from FPU, Financial Peace University.

When you get a credit card application in the mail, you should run away like a gazelle from a cheetah!

Here's a picture from one of the most highly anticipated days at our school, Pajama Day AKA Polar Express Day. Allyson had her PJ's picked out for weeks.

Daddy gives us a ride home from school most days and sometimes he plays with Allyson on the playground. This is her favorite thing in the afternoons.

This past weekend, we had some family on my mom's side come visit from out of town. So, we were all together at my mom's.

I am so in love with this sack-a-sugar!! Carlee is the sweetest baby and she's always up for some lovin'.

Here's my Uncle Steve, cousin JJ, and Aunt Janice, my mom's sister. They all live in Columbus, Ga.

That night, Mike had a work party. Our friends' daughter, Kelsey, babysat for us. We were surprised to come home and find that they had made a gingerbread house.

Sunday night, Allyson had a couple friends spend the night. We had breakfast at Burger King Monday morning. They had fun, but Mom & Dad did not get much sleep!

Yesterday, we went to my mom's to do some holiday baking. I love this picture of Allyson and my mom making cookies.

We are ready for Christmas, except for some laundry, grocery shopping, and basic house cleaning. Are you? :)

Merry Christmas!
Love, The Paces

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Dental Visist

On Monday, Allyson went to the dentist for the first time. She climbed right up in the chair and wasn't scared a bit!
Barb, our hygentist, was very patient and explained everything. She was awesome! They joked and laughed!
Allyson let her clean and floss her teeth. She actually laughed as Barb flossed because Barb told he it would tickle.
Barb said she wished all her first-timers were as easy and well-behaved as Allyson. (This made us soooo proud!) Barb gave Allyson a Hello Kitty Christmas coloring book and allowed her to choose 5 toys from the treasure box. She also got 2 new toothbrushes.
I gave her dad the report and he was pleased. "Going to the dentist is very important," says Daddy. :D
After her visit, she took a long nap. Well, we had been at Monkey Joes earlier that day. At dinner, she asked when she could go back to the dentist. hehe
Allyson's first dental visit
Nov. 22, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A "Picnik" Lunch

Today, we had lunch with Allyson's Pre-K class. It was Thanksgiving lunch.

Obviously, it was not a pic-nic lunch, but I had fun editing my pictures using
It's free and fun to use.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, The Paces

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Rock-tober" 2010

October is my favorite month! This past October ROCKED! Here are a few highlights...
My birthday was on the 18th. We went with some friends to Zen Japanese Steakhouse. It was delicious! You can't beat the entertainment! :)

The following weekend was the Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat. We just did a Fall theme for our trunk this year. Autumn stayed with us so that we could take her.

Allyson was Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale this year. She dressed up 4 times for different occasions. I was glad to get our money's worth out of the costume!
Fall Festival bonfire
Random picture of Allyson coloring in the bathtub.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Sarah & I hosted a Tailgate Party Salad Supper. My next post will be about that. Here's some cute pics of Allyson & Abigail from that night.

Another random picture of Allyson coloring

Allyson's PACT time at school-Pumpkin carving!

Daddy carving our pumpkin at home

Trick or Treater Piper came by

In addition to all of these activities, I was able to go out of town twice. That was my previous post. I love Rock-tober, I mean October! :D