Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A couple videos

Allyson hitting the ball at Caleb's birthday party. I like the way Caleb says, "Me ball!" He means "my ball." He's already a sports fan!

You probably won't be interested in this one. I heard Michael reading to Allyson before bed one night. I thought one day she would enjoy looking at this video to see her dad spending time with her at this age.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Party and a Train Ride

I try to blog when I can. I'm a couple weeks behind! Michael is taking two online classes. So, getting the computer has become a rare occurance. Especially, getting the computer long enough to blog.
April 17th, we headed to Milledgeville for cousin Caleb's 2nd birthday party.
Look at my handsome nephew!

He got a really cool swingset. All the kids had a blast!

I love Caleb's face when he opened our present!

I love my sister's face in this one!
Happy Birthday to Caleb!

The girls all look so cute at the little table eating their cake and ice cream.

This past weekend we went on SAM Shortline. The train departs from Cordele, Ga. around 9:30 am. It stops in Americus, Plains, and Archery (Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm). Then it returns to Cordele around 5:30 pm.
Allyson was so excited! She kept saying Wooooo wooooo (train whistle sound) before we left.

Since Allyson is under 3, she was free, but she had to ride in someone's lap the whole time. Guess whose lap she chose. Well, mine mostly. Eyeroll. She can be quite squirmy.

Nana & Papa sat right across from us. I'm glad we are all short; there wasn't much legroom!

We were disappointed with Americus. We walked from the train station to downtown. When we got there, we didn't find much to be open. We got back on the train and had hot dogs. We were starving and they were so good! How often do you have lunch on a train, anyway?
Plains was fun! Everything was open. Our favorite part was peanut butter ice cream. Yummy!! We bought some peanut and pecan brittle to take home.
Here's Allyson with Lauren. They were the only kids on the trip. Lauren helped us with Allyson so much!

Downtown Plains

Boarding back on the train with Papa

Allyson with Grandma Joyce.

A picture of the train while we were laying over in Archery.

Lauren's mom helped Allyson feed some goats on the farm.

The train ride was a lot of fun. It was nice to get away with my family and others from our church family even for a day.
If your thinking about doing SAM Shortline, I think you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Trip to Atlanta

Last week, we took a mini-vacation to Atlanta. It was not a relaxing trip! But, we did have a good time.

First, we went to Stone Mountain. We had a picnic when we arrived. For our picnic we had sandwiches, grapes, Pringles, and cookies.

I didn't take many pictures on this trip because my camera battery was low. I had no way of charging it.
We went to the top of Stone Mountain. Allyson was excited about riding the Skylift. When we got to the top, she raised her hands and said, "We did it! Yay!" It think we've been watching too much Dora.

Then, she ran all over the top of Stone Mountain and climbed on all the rocks. It was cool and windy, but that did not slow her down one bit.

After that, we went to

The "ducks" are big trucks that go in the water. It's sorta like a bus ride that turns into a boat ride.

Allyson got to drive.

Then, we rode the train around Stone Mountain. After dinner, we had to find a place to set out our blanket to watch the laser show.

I took this picture of the carving while we waited for dark. Did you know that the area cut out for the carving is about 3 acres? It doesn't look that big to me. But, that's what they said while we were on the skylift.

Allyson enjoyed the laser show, but she ended up falling asleep.

We stayed in a hotel overnight and got up the next day to go to

The entire state of Georgia must have had the same idea. It was soooo crowded!

Allyson with Willie B's statue.

I got a good picture of the baby panda. She's so cute! She was taking her nap.

This white peacock just happened to have her tail open when we were close by. So cool! I've never seen a white peacock.

Allyson on the carousel.

We rode on the train that goes around the Children's Zoo.

All day long Allyson was looking for kangaroos. When we found them, she didn't believe me when I told her that these were kangaroos. I wish they had been standing.

Time to go home!

Good-bye, Atlanta! See you again soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

This Easter weekend was great! We had a wonderful time.

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt at church. Allyson wore her special Spring outfit made by Ms. Heather. I took her across the street to the house where the lady decorates her yard for Easter. She didn't answer the door, so I just went ahead and took a few pics. ;)

The Easter Egg Hunt was so much fun. The kids played games and did crafts while the dads hid the eggs. Mike made this poster for Pin the Tail on Peter. He was very proud of it!

And, who's excited about finding some eggs? Allyson! Leta and Riley, too!

Here are all the kids. They are waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

Here he comes! Peter Cottontail!

After finding all the eggs, the some of the kids took pictures with the Easter Bunny.

We had to get a Girlfriends picture, too!

We finally got Allyson to get within a few feet of the Easter Bunny to take a picture. We kept telling her that her Papa was the Easter Bunny, but she "just couldn't like him". She likes the pictures, though!

At the end of the night, we had to color a few eggs.

And this morning, Allyson got a surprise from the Easter Bunny.

Ready to go to church with Nana & Papa!

Egg Hunting at Nana & Papa's

Daddy & Mama were dressed up, too.

Papa, Allyson, & Nana

When cousin Caleb came, we had another egg hunt.

Allyson helped Caleb get more eggs.

Showing Daddy her eggs

Gymnastics with Daddy or Dancing with Daddy. Whichever, just don't drop her!

My whole life!

Here's a little video that will make your day! Enjoy!