Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Trip to Atlanta

Last week, we took a mini-vacation to Atlanta. It was not a relaxing trip! But, we did have a good time.

First, we went to Stone Mountain. We had a picnic when we arrived. For our picnic we had sandwiches, grapes, Pringles, and cookies.

I didn't take many pictures on this trip because my camera battery was low. I had no way of charging it.
We went to the top of Stone Mountain. Allyson was excited about riding the Skylift. When we got to the top, she raised her hands and said, "We did it! Yay!" It think we've been watching too much Dora.

Then, she ran all over the top of Stone Mountain and climbed on all the rocks. It was cool and windy, but that did not slow her down one bit.

After that, we went to

The "ducks" are big trucks that go in the water. It's sorta like a bus ride that turns into a boat ride.

Allyson got to drive.

Then, we rode the train around Stone Mountain. After dinner, we had to find a place to set out our blanket to watch the laser show.

I took this picture of the carving while we waited for dark. Did you know that the area cut out for the carving is about 3 acres? It doesn't look that big to me. But, that's what they said while we were on the skylift.

Allyson enjoyed the laser show, but she ended up falling asleep.

We stayed in a hotel overnight and got up the next day to go to

The entire state of Georgia must have had the same idea. It was soooo crowded!

Allyson with Willie B's statue.

I got a good picture of the baby panda. She's so cute! She was taking her nap.

This white peacock just happened to have her tail open when we were close by. So cool! I've never seen a white peacock.

Allyson on the carousel.

We rode on the train that goes around the Children's Zoo.

All day long Allyson was looking for kangaroos. When we found them, she didn't believe me when I told her that these were kangaroos. I wish they had been standing.

Time to go home!

Good-bye, Atlanta! See you again soon!


Amber said...

The carousel picture is precious! I can't believe your camera battery was low, that would be a major crisis for me.

Stone Mt is one of the places I would have liked to have gone to while we were living up there (Savannah is number 1 on that list though).

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like fun! Allyson looks cool in her shades! :D

Sarah said...

The picture on the train is a great family shot. Looks like you guys had a great time, despite the crowds. We are hoping to make it to Stone Mountain this year. Maybe you can give us some tips.

That truck/boat ride looks so cool!

Stacia said...

Can't wait for our turn at the zoo! That baby panda looks too cute! But Allyson on the carousel is way cuter!! Glad you guys were able to get away for a little while during your spring break. Your mini-vacation looked like great family time!

Dawn said...

On the Ride the Ducks they give you whistles that sound like a duck's quack. Riley and Ralston AND Larry will love that!
I think we actually had more fun at Stone Mountain b/c the zoo was just soooo crowded.

Susan said...

How funny, every time we go to the zoo half the state is there too! And about a thousand visiting foreigners with awful manners! Stone Mntn. is not far from us, we went over xmas for all the lights. We nearly froze to death but it was fun. Try to go this xmas!

Susan said...

Oh, its Brandon Luke by the way. I really wanted to use my middle name, Rae, since he's being born the same month as my b-day, but I'm not crazy about Ray as a boys name. Jeremy says spelling it Rae seems too girly too.