Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Busy March

This is going to be a long post. I haven't been able to post much this past month. It's not because there wasn't anything going on.

I really didn't anticipate March being so busy, but it was extremely busy. I quite literally nearly lost my mind!

On March 7, we decided to take down the privacy fence around our "little" yard. We now have one big backyard. We did this because it's hard to watch Allyson playing in the yard. So, this is better for us.

That same day, we grilled burgers outside. Hard to believe it had snowed the weekend before! The whole time Mike was grilling, Allyson played with a watering pail that I bought at Wal-Mart for $1! Cheap thrills! I just had to keep filling it up for her.

Grilling out Pace-style in the back of our little pick-up.

The next couple of weeks were busy with Monday for the Master, a wedding shower at church, Ladies Salad Supper which I gave the devo for, and on March 20th, we celebrated Riley Lester's birthday party at Burger King.

Riley's mom throws cool parties, so we were really excited about going. The theme was construction or trucks, something boyish like that! But, we still had a blast!

The "Guy" table.

Larry and Sarah with two-year-old Riley

I just love pictures with matching construction hats!

The following day, we had Allyson's Easter pictures made and went to a church game night. And, then, Sunday was Andrea's baby shower. She got lots of precious baby girl things.
To my sorrow and embarrassment, I have a child that likes to run after church. Usually, she runs straight outside. This particular evening, she headed to the front to pick out a song to lead us in.

March 27th our school had its annual Spring Fling. Michael had made dinner reservations for us on that evening, but my principal told me I had to work. We moved our reservations to a later time. Then, we could do both.

My principal ended up letting me leave early. But, before I got ready and we took Allyson to Mr. Tom and Ms. Joyce's, I read to Allyson on the storytime carpet.

We had reservations at the Langston House at Henderson Village outside of Perry. Last year, we stayed overnight for our anniversary. This year, we just went to dinner.

Mike had the steak and I had the grouper. Mmmmm...very good!

Here's a picture I found online of the Langston House.

A co-worker loaned me a fancy dress to wear. It was chilly, though. So, I had to keep a sweater on. When, we got home, since I was all dressed up, I had Mike take a few pictures. I mean, I'm not all dressed up very often. Years from now, I'd like to remember what I looked like!

Mike sent me these roses for our anniversary. I made him meatloaf. We were both happy. The meatloaf did not turn out very pretty, so no picture, sorry.

So, March was very busy. April looks like it will be, too! Easter Egg Hunts, Ladies Day, and a South Georgia Train Ride are all coming up!
We have a full and blessed life for which I am very thankful. I just hope to keep my sanity!
Finally, I'll leave you with a video of our Big Backyard Adventure.
Be patient. It is worth the wait!


Ben and Tabby said...

Wow, you guys have been very busy, but it looks like it has been a fun month! You look so pretty in your fancy dress! Glad you are back to blogging!

Stacia said...

Oh my goodness... it's like Allyson was shot out of a rocket on that last video!! =) Too funny!!