Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So, It's Been a While...

I can't believe it's been since March 6 when I last posted. We have been so busy! I feel like life has just been a whirlwind swirling past me.

I have quite a bit to post about, but I'll start with the pictures I have ready and go from there.

Friday, March 19 was Spring Fling at my school. It will be Allyson's school next year since she's been accepted in our Pre-K program. Yay! Yes, I can't believe she'll be school-age by then.

Anyway, Allyson and Mike came along to Spring Fling. Here are a few pics of Allyson getting involved in some of the activities. She had a blast!

Digging for buried treasure. Basically, looking for marked pebbles in a tub of rice. Which I found out later is many years old. Nasty! Where's the anti-bac?

Her very favorite game-musical chairs. She won 3 times! After that and winning the cake walk after the first try, we were convince we needed to play the lottery that day! Sadly, by the time Mike got to the store that night, it was too late. They stopped selling tickets. Perhaps it was not luck, but my work buddies giving me a hook-up. Hmm... Fishing game


Football pass


More from our busy March to come very soon, my friends! I know you are holding your breath! :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

She's So WaCkY!

Allyson had WaCkY dAY at her school yesterday. It was to celebrate Read Across America week.
I had a hard time dressing her in a non-matching way. We all know how I like her to look "put together."
She told me she wanted "pig tails all over".

The dress is on backwards with leopard print leggins and knee socks. It's the best I can do.
She looks pretty cute no matter what, I think! :)

Well, we have Peter Cottontail. And, we are holding him hostage. So, if you want him to come to your house you will have to pay ransom!

We have a bunny living in our backyard.
Here's his burrow in the grass.

Oh, well, he's about to escape through our broken fence.

I guess he'll be paying you a visit after all! Shucks! :D
I will have to devise a new money-making scheme! Roo Ha Ha Ha! (evil laughing)