Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now we're on Blogger!

Welcome to our new blog! I am very excited about getting started on Blogger! Special thanks to my friend, Stacia, for helping me out with finding a background and uploading a header. You are the BEST!

This first post is about the Winter Wonderland at Linwood Elementary. As you probably know, I'm the school media specialist. I love my job!

At the Winter Wonderland, a FREE event, sponsored by the school, my entire responsibility was to take photographs. (It's easy at the event. Just snap, snap. But afterwards, I spend hours dealing with all of the pictures, anyway!) So, this made it easy for Mike and Allyson to come along.

I wasn't working at LWES this time last year, so I really did not know what to expect. Basically, each family travels to different stations to do holiday projects together. Allyson had a BLAST!

She wrote a letter to Santa. I'm very proud of it. She worked on it for a long time. Usually, she's done with coloring in no time flat. So, this may have had something to do with the fact that she got to use markers and not crayons.

She made a Christmas Tree Cone. I had never seen this before. You take ice cream sugar cones and twist them around in a large tub of cool whip. Then, you set it upright on a plate and spoon sprinkles over the top. Delicious! And, fun to make. A great idea for a kid's party! Allyson ate every bite. She really enjoyed watching the older kids.

Allyson and Daddy made ornaments together. They had the black wax on them that you scatch off with a stick and then different colors show through. Allyson's were scribble, of course. I think she was pretty impresssed with what her daddy was doing.

Mrs. Peavy, a kindergarten teacher, painted Allyson's nails. I think she had a hard time because Allyson kept holding her fingers up so that she could see. They got all smudged because it's hard when you are two to wait for any kind of paint to dry.

Another kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Swords, painted a snowman on Allyson's face. Since last Thursday, Allyson has been asked several times what she wants for Christmas. Her reply has been a snowman about half of the time. I think this is why. Oh, and it was very sweet when she was done, Mike told Allyson to say thank you. She did and she gave Mrs. Swords a little kiss, too.

We also got to enjoy hot chocolate and sugar cookies. We had a family picture taken with a Christmas scene, but I have to re-email it to myself.

This was a lot of fun for my family as I'm sure it was for all the families that attended. Even though two can be such a trying age, it is also a very sweet age. She can participate in all of these experiences and give hugs and kisses, too!

We'll have more Christmas event postings in the weeks to come!

My personal resolution for the next few weeks...Enjoy! Don't stress!

We should all adopt this as our mantra. If we keep saying it over and over it will happen, right? :)


Ben and Tabby said...

That winter wonderland looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you're on blogger now! Did you make your own header? It looks great!

Stacia said...

Welcome to Blogger! Everything looks great on your blog :-) Allyson looked like she had a really good time at your Winter Wonderland. Hailey's is next Tuesday. I'm excited about it now that I've seen a preview of yours!

Dawn said...

Yes, Stacia told me about scrapblog and then she helped me figure out how to upload the header. Thanks!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're on blogger now. Your set-up looks great. Allyson looks like she had a great time. I loved seeing her little painted nails.