Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas Tree and Decorations 2008

We have a new tree this year. I love it! I have had white lights for years, but it's time for a change. This year, I went for brighter, more colorful and whimsical decorations. So, the tree had to have multi-colored lights. In previous years, my tree had to be all white, cream, and golden with very few sentimental ornaments or decorations. It was pretty, but now with a little one, we need a family tree.
Before we decorated the tree, I made this wreath. I bought the ornaments a couple months ago. I knew I needed a new wreath to go with the new theme.

Here it is in all it's glory. I really like how it is tall and skinny. We can get more presents around it!

And, with no flash. I love the glow around it.

The whimsy goes outside, too. Here's the ice skating snowman I bought a few years ago, after Christmas, of course! That's when I buy anything big like this (that includes our new tree!). The lights on our house are also multi-colored. I think it makes our house look like a gingerbread house. I'll try to take a picture of the whole house soon.

Now, for Part II of this post!
Last weekend, we attended Hailey's birthday party. I had some cute pictures I wanted to post.

Allyson loves Auntie 'Shaun! And, all the kids loved the cool light-up toys.

Hailey looks so pretty! Stacia made a beautiful and delicious cake.

Hailey gets so excited about her presents! It's so sweet.

When your Papa is not around to read stories, borrow someone else's. I love the Johnson family Christmas tree.

Family picture-Good of Mommy & Daddy, but not really of Allyson. Notice that my husband is actually smiling. Oh, Tabby, you could print this out and put "Merry Christmas from the Paces". That way you won't have to draw stick people! :D

Pedro and Mike really bonded. Yes, he's smiling again! Either he didn't know he was being photographed, or he had a good time at the party. Probably both! We really did have a nice time.


Stacia said...

You did so good with your wreath and tree! I really like the colored lights too... I might change next year. I love the picture of Mike with Pedro...they were so funny...he really liked Mike :-) Thanks for coming and eating some cake with us!

Ben and Tabby said...

That's a great idea! I might just have to do that. :) Your Christmas is so pretty, and I love the wreath you made! You are so crafty!

Looks like Haileys bday party was a lot of fun!

Amber said...

I like your snowman. I was just telling Aric last night that we needed something like that for our front door. I love color!

Your Christmas wreath is so pretty! I need to try my hand at that. Maybe next year.

Andrea said...

Your decorations are very nice. I can't wait to come over on Friday. I'll be bringing my chocolate chip cookies.