Monday, December 15, 2008

These busy December weekends...

Each weekend in December every year is always full. But, I love living such a full life. There's no time to be sad or wish for things that I don't have when I have so much to do!
The weekend started off on Friday evening with a Christmas Party for Life Group 2. Mike is a Life Group leader, so we thought this would be a good time for our life group to get together and have some fun. But, half the people that came aren't actually in our life group. Oh, well, they can pretend! The more the merrier!
Here's Brian, Jeanette, Crystal (she was cold), Larry, and Sheila.

Nirav, Michael B., Mary, and Tim

We had an ornament exchange. It was really fun. The husbands had to give the wives compliments and a kiss before the ornaments could be opened. This was Sheila's idea!

I snapped these before everyone arrived. I found this adorable Christmas tutu. Allyson said she was a ballerina. Then, she had to twirl and dance.
The kids totally wrecked Allyson's room. But, it was worth it because they had so much fun! Ms. Sarah helped me get things put away. On Saturday, Allyson spent a long time playing in her room. I decided that this was because she watched the other kids have fun with all her books and toys and she decided that that her stuff was pretty cool after all.
Saturday, I spent the entire day in my PJ's. I did my holiday baking. I made fudge, orange balls, and reindeer food. It was nice to be at home all day. I heard the Warner Robins traffic was just awful on Saturday.
Saturday evening, we took Allyson to Disney on Ice: Disneyland Adventure. Pictures were allowed. I was surprised, but I didn't get very many good ones.
Mike actually knew the guy that sat next to us. We got him to take our picture. I wish Allyson's eyes had been open!

Here's Cinderella's back. And, a cool alligator that was trying to attack the Incredibles. It was really fun. We all really enjoyed it. It was over way too quickly!
Pictures from Sunday. I couldn't keep her from running around outside of the church building to get her picture in her Sunday coat. But, here is the back of it. I hope she'll be able to wear it next year, too! Oh, she has "Candy Man candy in her hand!"
Here we are after church. Mike refused to get in the picture. He said he needed a haircut. It looked fine to me. I wish this picture wasn't so blurry!

So, what is on the agenda for this weekend? Two Christmas parties on Friday and a trip to Albany to see Mike's mom and nephew on Saturday. But, I won't be facing going back to work on next Monday! Yessss!

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Ben and Tabby said...

Allyson looks so adorable in that tutu. I like the picture of you and her together, too. You have to get a "mommy and me" picture every once in a while.