Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Longer Afraid

Allyson & I attended the Elberta Nursing Home Christmas party Monday night. We helped pass out gifts to the residents. Then, we took cookies to them. Allyson was such a big girl holding the plates with cookies with both hands to give an older person a tasty treat. I didn't have my camera to get a picture of that part.
And, guess who was there! SANTA CLAUSE!
Guess who ran right up to him to get in his lap! That's right; Allyson did!
She sat in front of him, on the carpet with the other kids. I didn't realize that she was waiting her turn. But, as soon as Santa's lap was empty, she ran tight up to him. I was shocked. She has always screamed and clung to me anytime she sees the Cheery Old Elf.
I think that this was a very special Santa, and that's why she felt so at ease.

Even Santa's mommy still takes an active role in his job! :)

Here she is telling him what she wants. Santa told us that Allyson wants a Barbie. Just like Stacia said, isn't it funny that they tell Santa different stuff than they have been telling you all along?

When she hopped down, she got a candy cane. She was very proud of it!

Tonight coming home from church Daddy was doing his best Santa impression. He asked what she wanted Santa to bring her. She replied that she wanted Santa to bring her something that sounded like "King King."

"What?" I asked.
"King King!"
Then, I figured out that she is saying candy cane. Well, of course, that's what Santa gives you. Well, that will make it easy this Christmas!
We really enjoyed Santa this year. This year's Santa is very special to us. We love him very much. No matter what!
Also, special thanks to Sarah for letting me take Santa pictures with her camera since I had forgotten mine. :)


Amber said...

I love the picture of her and Santa looking at each other, it's so sweet.

It drives me nuts that they tell Santa something different! It makes me paranoid that Santa is going to bring the wrong thing.

Twin Mommy said...

Hey! I have been keeping up with your blog, just short on replies. I wish the girls weren't afraid of Santa but they are, this year anyway. You all look so great, Allyson is a little doll. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Stacia said...

She was so cute at the party!! Not afraid one bit :-) It was just adorable watching her jump right up there and tell him all sorts of things :-)
p.s. Due to my kids recent talk with that particular Santa... I had to do a little shopping :-) Next year I'm waiting to buy their stuff!

Ben and Tabby said...

Is that Tyler? He makes a great Santa! I love Allysons shirt, she looks so cute!

Sarah said...

She was so brave. Too bad Mike missed it. Ralston keeps telling Santa something different too. I'm getting a little worried myself.