Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas Eve

My new background is in honor of the 750 page book I have spent most of my time off reading, which is why I didn't post very much! The book is called Breaking Dawn. It is the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I am an addict just like every other high school girl in this country! If you are looking to start a new series, I highly reccommend it.

Anyway, onto our Christmas Eve. Hopefully, I can get around to posting Christmas Day soon! :)

Allyson had a really bad ear infection. I had to take her to the doctor the morning of Christmas Eve. She was in so much pain as soon as her Motrin would wear off. She was so miserable, but all better now!
Christmas Eve is when we open our gifts. Christmas Day is exclusively for Santa.

Mike and I exchanged before family arrived. I got Mike some clothes and other things he really seemed to like. He gave me a ring with Allyson's birthstone, an Ihome, and a new camera. All really cool gifts. He really spoiled me!

My parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew all came over. We ate sandwiches (deli, not pb&j!) and I made buffalo wings. Then, we went to church. I really enjoyed having all of my family with me at church.

When we came home we exchanged gifts and had dessert.

My parents gave Mike a remote controlled airplane. Loved it, of course!

I had to post this one. Allyson wanted to wear her Christmas ballerina skirt all day. She even wore it to the doctor's office.

How do little boys just know to make truck noises when they push trucks?

Allyson finally got to have a peice of her Gin-er bread man. She chose to have his hand.

We had a little battle with Nerf guns going on after the presents were opened. All the guys got one. It was sons-in-law versus Papa. Don't you like my dad's barracade?

And, what are these two up to? I love how they are starting to play together!


Ben and Tabby said...

Allyson and Caleb are both getting so big! Looks like they had a wonderful time together. Looks Mike and your Dad had a good time, too! :D

Stacia said...

I think I'm going to have to wait for the Twilight movies to come out on DVD :-) You did good on your background!
Your Christmas Eve looked fantastic!! Loved Allyson's tutu and those Nerf guns are the best aren't they...I've got little darts all over my house. I find them in all sorts of places :-)

Amber said...

I just finished reading Twilight. I started it yesterday, it's kind of funny in high school I read Ann Rice now as an adult I'm reading teen vampire books.

It's pretty good, may have to get the second one tomorrow. I get a little obsessive compulsive with book reading.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about Allyson's ear infection. Looks like you had a great Christmas with your family. Love the pics of your dad and Mike playing.