Sunday, January 4, 2009

When Santa Came...

Allyson woke up Christmas morning in terrible pain. She had woken up twice the night before when her Motrin had worn off also.

So, I didn't get that awesome picture I was hoping for when she walked in and saw Santa's treasures that he had left for her. We had to wait for her medicine to kick in before she had any interest in looking under the tree. Mommy had to rock her for a few minutes.

But, finally, her curiosity got the best of her.

Daddy helped her look throught the pile. "Look, it's Ariel!"

Allyson got a camera, too. It's a Disney Princess toy camera.

Santa could have just brought Allyson a Dora coloring book and markers. She would have been perfectly happy! After she opened these, she sat and colored for about thirty minutes. We all got dressed and opened our stockings. Finally, she got around to seeing her other gifts.

My parents spent the night with us Christmas eve. Mike and Daddy went out to fly planes. Every boy needs a toy at Christmas. Even grown up boys!

Allyson took her new Dora doll for a ride in her wagon in the backyard. Her shirt says, "I love Dad (He buys me things)".

We had turkey and the works for lunch. I was very proud of myself for making Paula Deen's cornbread dressing. It was beautiful and delicious! Wish I had taken a picture!

After lunch, my parents took off. We all put our PJ's back on and took a nap. Before we took our nap, Allyson pulled her new Disney Princess blanket (it's so cool; it lights up! Thanks, Aunt Robbi!), some of her new books, and other things into the kitchen to read. She wants to be where we are.

We had leftovers when we got hungry and that night we went (with our PJ's still on) to ride around and look for Christmas lights. Allyson screamed out at every inflatable Santa, snowman, penguin, Mickey Mouse. Or, she would just say, "Pretty lights!"

And it wasn't long after we got home when Michael took this. Our little Christmas Angel was all wiped out.

It was a wonderful Christmas that went by way too quickly. Can't wait for next year!


Andrea said...

Allyson looks like she had a great Christmas. Sorry to hear she was feeling bad in the morning. Caleb was the same way with his toys. He was playing with his old toys after opening all his new gifts. I guess it's just overwhelming to get that many gifts at once. Hope Allyson is feeling better now.

Ben and Tabby said...

Glad you guys had a good Christmas. I love that last picture of Allyson sleeping on you. Those are the sweetest moments, aren't they?

Stacia said...

Sorry your Christmas break is over. Hope you have a good week back at school. :-)

Twin Mommy said...

Hey! I had to catch up on some of your posts. You sound like you've had as interesting a xmas as we did. We took turns being very sick the whole three weeks before xmas and we're still getting over the last of it. Anyway, I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. Allyson is just adorable, I can't wait until the girls have pretty, long hair like hers. Its been a year since we visited WR, I miss everyone! We need to plan a church visit soon... before I'm too big to travel comfortably! Love to you all!!