Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fairy Princess in a Bubble Bath

Bathtime has been so much fun since Santa brought Princess Bubble Bath and a Disney Princess Bathtime Tea Set.

Allyson loves to splash and play in the mountains of bubbles.

It's fun to relax in a bubble bath, even when you're only two!

This bath is perfect for a fairy princess! Also, to get a two-year-old to take a bath, some interesting things may become bath toys. Things such as wands, My Little Ponies, plastic kid's cups from Olive Garden, etc.

She's still got that fat baby tummy, even though she doesn't seem much like a baby anymore.

You know you're happy when you just want to sing!

There have been several super cute bath postings lately. We can't be left out! I have been kinda slack in posting pictures of my little girl who keeps changing so much.
Here's an example. This past week, Allyson has started wearing panties ALL the time, well, except at night. For several months she's been potty-trained at daycare. But, when we get home, the routine changes. Sometimes we have places to go. Allyson and Mommy have just not been ready to venture into public restrooms. Well, Mike and I decided that we can't go on like this forever. I mean, is she going to wear pull-ups to her kindergarten graduation?
So, we started this week. We have had TONS of accidents! Allyson likes to tell us she needs to potty AFTER the fact. So convenient! So much laundry!
But, we are just taking things day by day. Yesterday was good. Today wasn't. She's been on antibiotics for weeks (ear infection, sinuses, etc. Thanks for thoughts and prayers. She's doing much better!) And, if you've had a kid on antibiotics, you know, it makes things loose, so to speak. So, again so much laundry!
I know like all the other phases we have been through so far, this will pass. Soon our little girl will be using the potty just like everyone else. And, what will take this phase's place? Another phase of something else.
The moral-I'm not going to get all uptight about these accidents anymore. Even if it's hard, I'm still going to try to enjoy as much of this time in her life as possible. When two is gone, it's gone for good.
On a different note, Mike's 60 hour work weeks are OVER!!! Hallelujah! He has been so miserable going in to work at 4 am and working every Saturday. Oh, it will be so good to have Daddy home!
Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and listening to me share my random thoughts! Cheers to good friends!


Andrea said...

The pictures of Allyson in the bath are so cute. She looks like a little princess. I love the pic of her holding the wand. So sorry to hear about your potty training adventures. I guess I have that to look forward to one day. So happy that Mike is done with his long work weeks. Now you can have more family time.

Ben and Tabby said...

I love the ones where her face is poking out of the bubbles. So cute.

Amber said...

What a cutie. I love it when they sink into the bubbles like that and you can only see their face.

Twin Mommy said...

Hey! I'm glad I'm only a couple posts behind on your blog. I'm sorry to just now be hearing about Allyson's sickness. I've dealt with the girls being sick and ear infections for weeks. Its been rather miserable around here with sickness since before xmas. I'm finally getting access to Jeremy's computer too. We keep finding other things to put that $100 towards instead of fixing our home computer. Anyway, the bath pics are adorable, I love bath time! Clean piggies and they have so much fun. The girls have toys that squirt water so it gets interesting. Don't we have the cutest little girls?!! I posted- finally posted a new blog post. There's some news in it... can't wait to hear from you, I miss our little email chats! Love to you all!

Sarah said...

Love those bathtime pics. Allyson looks so pretty.