Friday, February 6, 2009

Youth Progressive Dinner

Last Friday the youth group at church had a progressive dinner.
Appetizers were at our house.
Before everyone came over, I had to snap this picture of our baby girl looking so big at her desk. Where is the time going!?

The theme of the evening was "Mexican Fiesta". So, of course, we had chips and salsa. I also made cheese dip (Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes, melted together in the microwave. Easy, cheesy!). We had taquitos, too. They are rolled tacos. So yummy!

Oh, to be young again!

Allyson was a bit confused about why all these people were in our house. This really was a great chance for us to spend some time with the youth.

Sheila had the main course. She made taco salads. She got the shells from El J's. Apparently, she couldn't find them in the store. They were so delicious!
It can't be a youth function without a fun game. We played Never Have I Ever. Everyone gets ten tiles. You have to say something you've never done that you think others have. If they have, they lose a tile. The last person with tiles is the winner.

Sheila had her place all decorated for the theme.

Then, we went to Holly's house. Holly is four; she has a playroom. She wanted to play Candy Land with Allyson, but we just aren't there yet.

At Holly's house, for dessert, there was a chocolate fountain. Need I say more? :)

Here's Holly's parents, Kim and Goran.

Holly and Allyson had so much fun playing.

Ummm...looks like someone got into the chocolate fountain!

It was a fun evening! We were glad that we could help with the youth in this way. When I was a teen, the adults did this kind of thing for me and the others. It's nice to give back.
At the end of the evening, we all sang and Joe led a devotional. It was about letting your light shine as a Christian teenager. He did a great job. Bry did a great job, too! She is a wonderful support to Joe and his efforts with the youth.


Stacia said...

It looked like the dinner turned out great!!! I'm so wanting a little chocolate fountain right now =)

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like fun! I'm so glad that you guys are doing all that stuff with the youth! I'm sure they appreciate it!

Andrea said...

Looks like the youth had a lot of fun at your house. You are such a great hostess!