Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend 2009

We had a great Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend! I wanna tell you all about it!
So, we'll start with Saturday morning. Allyson woke us up around 7:30/8:00 like she always does on the weekends. Then, I brought her to our bed and we exchanged our Valentine's gifts with each other.
Allyson got from Mommy & Daddy: a new movie-Barbie and the Diamond Castle, pink M&Ms, Disney Princess candy, and a pink monkey.
Mike got: a card and candy Reese's heart from Allyson. I was told not to spend money on him. But, I have to do something for my Valentine. So, I gave him 40 love coupons that I printed from the Internet. They say things like "Good for one footrub" (he already used that one!) or "Good for a romantic dinner at home". And I wrote him a love letter. So, see Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost money! Mike was VERY happy with his gift. He plans to use all of them, but he says he doesn't want to be wasteful. So, he'll probably still have some a year from now!
I got: A very sweet card, in which he wrote that I am the perfect woman for him. That really made me smile! And, a tin of Dove truffles. Yummy! Also, I asked him to get the Fireproof DVD for us to watch together. That was all I really wanted for Valentine's Day.
We all really liked our gifts from each other. Allyson said, "I am so happy!"
We went out for a special lunch later. We tried the new Greek Village restaurant. It was so good and they had decorated the place for Valentine's Day with red and white balloons.
So, can you think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day than at a kid's birthday party? Well, I cannot! Especially, when you get to hang out with some very good friends!
We went to Noah's fifth birthday party Saturday afternoon.

Here's Noah. He had a Star Wars party.

The kids are all in line to hit the pinata. I got some really good smiles in this picture! I wish Isabelle had been looking!

It was Allyson's turn to hit the pinata. She was hitting it very gently, despite how this picture looks. Look in the top right-hand corner and you'll see her daddy grinning at her.

Get the candy!!!

Anytime I was trying to find my kid, I could just look in someone's lap. She loves her some Mama Jan! Baby Kirkley will learn all about Mama Jan one day.

Baby Kirkley was so sweet at the party!

Allyson says she's starting an all-girl band. She's very serious about it.

Here we are all singing playing Rock Band. It's a fun game. We'll have to play again sometime. Maybe someone could have a Rock Band party and maybe invite us. We would bring some good food. That would ROCK!

So, we finally got our little rockstar home. She only has red nails because it is Valentine's Day. I think they look too grown-up to do any other time.

Sunday night I put her in her sister's cheerleading dress and pigtails. My parents bought this outfit for Morgan years ago. I found it when I was looking for all the Christmas decorations. FHU stands for Freed-Hardeman University.

After church when I was walking with her out to the car, she kept saying, "My hair is cute! My hair is cute!" I'm thinking she gets her vanity from her daddy. :D

After evening worship, we took all of the kids to BK. All the girls got Pink Panther glasses in their kid's meals. We thought this would make a cute picture. I think it did!
L-R: Me, Jason, Stacia, and Tabby

Well, the dads needed a fun picture, too!
L-R: Aric, Darren, Jason, and Mike
Now, c'mon guys. There is no way to look tough in pink sunglasses, but try if you want to!!

So, we had a great weekend! We can't wait for the next time the Bramletts and Simmons come visit!


Stacia said...

I'm so copying the last two pictures!! So Funny!! The birthday party was lots of fun and Allyson looked super cute in her sparkle sunglasses!

Amber said...

The BW of Allyson is so cute!!!

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous I didn't get any pink panther glasses so I could be in one of those pictures. Allyson was so funny holding the mic. She did not want to share with the rest of us girls. I think she wanted to be the star.

Ben and Tabby said...

We look cute in those pink panther glasses, don't we? Allyson is adorable in the cheerleader uniform, especially since it says FHU on it. :P