Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas with the Cousins

On January 3rd, Christmas came again. My mom's side of the family traveled from Columbus to be with us for a while.

We had a very enjoyable time. I'm glad Allyson had a chance to be around so much family.

Here's Jenny, Erin (my cousin Jonathan's girls) & Allyson dancing in my mom's kitchen. You can see little Caleb (my nephew) watching them to the side.

Here's all the kids playing on the stairs. They were holding up their babies. Caleb doesn't have a baby.

My parents took the Christmas tree down the day after Christmas. So, the presents were piled up in front of the fireplace.

The kids played so sweetly together.

Here's the new baby, Cooper, with my Aunt Janice and my mom.

Cute picture of little Jenny on the stairs. She's a PKer this year.

A good picture of my Uncle Steve, baby Cooper, Mike, and Allyson with her lip poked out about something.

On top of celebrating Christmas together, we had cake for birthdays. My bro-in-law Brad, Aunt Janice, and mama all have birthdays close together in December.

The kids wanted to help blow out candles.

After all the gifts the kids had gotten, they just wanted to play with wrapping paper rolls. Fun "swords", I guess. This is my parents backyard. I don't know what Mike is doing. Maybe wondering how far the little boat could get him away from so many in-laws!

It was great to see my cousins, their wives, and the children. Can't wait until next year!


The next day, Allyson wore a very special outfit to church.

This outfit was her sister's. I found it when I was getting Christmas decorations out of the attic. Morgan had her picture made in it. Maybe I can scan it and put it with this post. I'll try that. Later.


Ben and Tabby said...

That little of them dancing was so cute! I laughed when Allyson's cousin told her to quit dancing. Isabelle wanted to watch it over and over again! Glad you had a good visit with the cousins! Allyson looks so cute in her big sister's outfit!

Ben and Tabby said...

Oh, I meant "that little video". LOL.

Amber said...

Lots and lots of Christmas celebrations! How sweet that you've saved those special things.