Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Mr. Tom

Today, I went to the dreaded Wally World. I figured since I had the day off and we need groceries, I might as well just get it all done there.
The last item on my list that I needed was dog food. Leaving the pet department, Allyson and I looked at the fish. On a whim, I decided to get Allyson a beta. They were only $4.96. She was very excited. He came in a clear plastic bowl with a top. So, I decided that he'd need a bowl. They had kits that came inside glass fish bowls, so I went with that. $7.96. Then, I had to get him some food. $1.88. I wondered if Mike would fuss about these additional purchases.
So, we loaded all of this in the buggy. Allyson held the food and told the fish, "Here's some food for you. It will make you feel all better." I just giggled to myself. I really do wish Allyson had a personality! Eyeroll. :D
At the checkout, the lady told us that he was a boy. She asked Allyson what the fish's name would be. She told her that she would name him when she got home.
I wondered how Mike would like this surprise. Allyson couldn't wait to get home to tell him. When I got home, he came out to help unload the groceries and saw the fish right away. He worried that the fish might die and that it would break Allyson's heart. Well, on my whim, I didn't really think about that. I was just thinking that we'll be home all summer and Allyson would like to have an easy pet to take care of.
While I put the groceries away, Mike got the fishbowl ready right away. I started noticing that he was actually...excited. He was very concerned about making sure the water would be right for him.
Meanwhile, Allyson and I were discussing names. She said Nemo at first, but how lame is that?!She finally said she just didn't know. So, I suggested that we name him Mr. Tom. She liked that. Mr. Tom Loftis will be proud that we named our new pet after him.
So, meet Mr. Tom. :D
Mike said he'd never had a fish. I heard him whisper to Mr. Tom that he is his new father. I was really surprised that Mike was so happy about us getting a fish. I just hope Mr. Tom thrives in his new home.

Last week was fun and busy. Thursday, Ben and Tabby came through, so we all met at Baskin Robins for ice cream. Our crew filled up the tiny store. Of course, we had fun, we always do!

Stacia with Baby Abigail.

Check out this cutie!
Allyson loves Ms. Sarah! And, who doesn't?!

We had the deal of the night at Baskin Robins. Our total was $3.06. Mike and I had iced coffees which were on sale for $.99 each. And, Allyson had a small cup of soft serve for $.88.
I was going to crop Darren out of this picture, but I decided not to! :D

Ladies' Night Out
Last Monday night was our annual Ladies Night Out for church. We met to eat at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Perry.

Here's Leah and Andrea. Leah just joined the pregnant club and Andrea just got out!

Sarah, me, and Ms. Johannah

All of us!

Can't wait until next year! I laughed so hard the entire time. I just love being out with friends and sisters in Christ.


Amber said...

I can't think of a better person to name a fish after! Love the shot of Mike and the fishbowl--super cool!

Stacia said...

Beta's are fun! We have two and got them the same whim!! Their bowls are right next to each other so sometimes they try to 'fight' I'm sure Allyson will take great care of him. p.s. you should have told me I needed some lipstick in that picture of me and Abigail =) (JK!)

Ben and Tabby said...

How cool that Allyson has her very own fish! I like that pic of Mike and the fishbowl too. It was great seeing you for a little while last week and terrorizing the Baskin Robbins. :) I forgot to take pictures, so I might have to steal yours. :)

Amber said...

Just tell them that you have to have a glass every night for your heart!