Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Perfect Mother's Day

I wish every day could be Mother's Day. After Christmas, I think Mother's Day might be my new favorite holiday!
Michael and I started a new tradition this year. We decided that we would not spend much money for Mother's or Father's Day. Instead, we'll just spend time together and do acts of service for each other. We'll take Allyson to pick out a small gift and card, but we'll keep the ridiculous spending to a minimum.
For my act of service, I asked for breakfast in bed. Michael is awesome at making pancakes. He frequently serves them up on the weekends. But, I wanted something special. I requested chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream.

I also had fruit, juice, turkey bacon, and coffee. It may have been the best breakfast I have even tasted. It was perfect. I did think that I would be served in bed. But, I was told that it was too much to carry. Memo to self: purchase a tray before next Mother's Day!
Allyson gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers that she had picked out herself. She made me a "teapot" at her daycare that actually came with some teabags.

We went to church with my parents in Gray. Then, we went to their house. Allyson chased a couple ducks that were in the yard.

We wanted to do something a little different for this special day. In my parents' neighborhood, there is a park that is just for neighborhood use. My parents reserved it for us. We ate under the pavillion and the kids played.

For lunch we had fried chicken and all the fixin's. It was great! And, we had a yummy chocolate mousse cake for dessert.
Here's the pavillion.

My dad walked Allyson down to the pond at the park.

We took a few pictures on the rocks by the water.

With my sister, Robbi, and nephew, Caleb

Daddy with Allyson on the rocks by the water.

When it was time to leave, my mom and dad took Allyson and Caleb for a little spin around the neighborhood in my mom's new car. I think all four of them laughed and giggled the whole time. My mom said it was the most fun she had all day.

I hope all the mommies and want-to-be mommies had a wonderful day!


Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like you had a great mother's day! Your mom's new car is fancy! Was that her mother's day present?

Dawn said...

No, she got it a while back. Yes, it fancy, alright!

Amber said...

The little onesie that you and Andrea got for Kirkley...It got LOTS of compliments in TX. I had several people ask me where I got it!

Stacia said...

Your mother's day breakfast looked very good! (good job Mike!) And all your family pictures at the lake are great memories.