Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warner Robins Grandma turns 70

Today, Allyson's Warner Robins Grandma, Ms. Joyce, turned 70.
Ms. Joyce is very special to us. She keeps Allyson a lot. Sometimes with less than a day's notice. She and Mr. Tom look out for us since we're not very close to famly. We know that we can call on them anytime for anything. Having them in our lives is a wonderful blessing to us.
We went to her surprise party today after church. It was at O'Charley's. Mr. Tom was able to pull it off without her knowing. Mr. Tom and Ms. Joyce eat at O'Charley's most Sundays following morning services, but this Sunday a big party showed up to celebrate the special day.
Allyson has a little song for you, Ms. Joyce.

By the way, I got a shock today when I put Allyson down for a nap. She looked up at me and said, "J-E-S-U-S."
I said, "Allyson, did you just spell Jesus?" And, she did it again. I'm so proud my little girl spelled her first word today. I'm even more proud that the first word she learned to spell was the name of our Savior. It makes me feel good that we are reaping the rewards of faithfully taking our daughter to Bible class each week.
It was a wonderful Sunday to go along with our wonderful Saturday. An almost perfect weekend!
Happy Birthday, Ms. Joyce!


Susan said...

Hey, just catching up on your blog. Its precious that Allyson's first spelling was Jesus. We love the girls classes at church, they learn so much. Tell Tom and Joyce hello for me, they're two of my favorites in WR! I'm now 34 weeks along, just 5 weeks to go Lord willing! Everything is perfect though, this pregnancy is going so well. Glad you're all doing well. Hope you can have more lazy Saturdays, they're nice huh? It seems we've had b-day parties, church events, appointments, the list goes on! We're ready for a lazy weekend too.

Sarah said...

That is so sweet. Glad to see Ms. Joyce had such a good birthday.

Now post some pictures of your house!