Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funny Things Ms. Allyson Has Said Lately

I asked her, "Allyson what are you getting Mama for Mother's Day?"
She answered, "Flowers, a card, and Birthday Cake."
I tried to explain to her that it won't be my birthday. She just smiled at me.
This past Friday, we tried out the Mellow Mushroom that opened here a few months ago. I had to take her to the potty, of course.
She's sitting on the potty and whispers something quietly. I said, "Allyson, what did you just say?"
Then, she yells, "I said, I AM ALLYSON PACE PACE!"
Her name is Allyson Paige Pace. I guess she figured that we gave her the same name twice.
Her daddy took her to Kroger tonight to get everything for making Mother's Day breakfast in bed. As they were leaving, Allyson pointed to the sky and said, "Daddy, a dragon is going to come get us."
So, we think maybe she has been watching too many fairy-tale-type movies.
I told her that tomorrow we'd be going to see Nana for Mother's Day. She pouted and I asked her what was wrong.
She said, "I wanna see my Papa, too!"
Happy Mother's Day!

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Stacia said...

When I was reading these I thought the same thing about the princess movies =) Those dragons could come out of no where you know!!