Friday, June 5, 2009

Where to start?

We had two big birthdays at the end of May.
My friend Melissa turned the big 3-0. We went to a surprise party for her at Longhorn in Perry. She had a very happy birthday.

And, guess who else turned 30! Mike!
Here's the cake I made for him. It was super yummy and moist! He requested strawberry cake. But, I gave it a little twist!
Strawberry Jello Cake
You'll need:
1 Strawberry cake mix and the ingredients to prepare listed on the box.
1 lg. package of strawberry jello
1 lg. tub of whipped topping
1 carton of sliced strawberries (optional)
To prepare:
Bake cake in a 13x9 baking dish as directed on cake mix box. While cake is baking, prepare jello by boiling two cups of water and stir in jello mix. Keep warm.
After removing cake from oven, use the end of a wooden spoon to poke holes in top of cake. Poke as many holes as desired. Pour jello mix over cake. Allow to cool. Spread cool whip over cake and arrange sliced strawberries. Refrigerate for at least two hours.
Birthday parties are a HUGE deal at our house. So, the dining area HAD to be decorated. I mean, Mike will only turn 30 once.
Time to blow out the candles!

My birthday boy and me!

Opening a present from Allyson. She picked out a shirt for him.

Birthday hug and kiss!

After having a birthday dinner of steak, fries, salad, rolls, veggies, cake, and ice cream, Mike said it was the best birthday!

Allyson picked out this special yard decoration.

But, the party wasn't over! I had planned a surprise party for my husband that weekend. He didn't have a CLUE!

He loved his shirt from Sarah and Larry. LOL!

I held Baby Abigail while her mommy & daddy ate. I just love her!

I got Mike a cake from Publix. It was in the shape of a 30. Publix cakes are so yummy! Wish I had that recipe!

We took some goofy girly pictures!
L-R: Me, Sarah, Ashley, Andrea, and Pam

Mike with his balloons!
He knows I really love him for making his birthday extra-special.


Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like Mike had a great birthday! You took good care of him. I love the silly pictures.

Stacia said...

Love all the birthday pictures! You girls are too funny with all the icing on your faces =)

Amber said...

I want to sit and hold Abigail! Looks like you guys had fun, love your girl picture.