Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Last Tuesday night, we took Allyson to see Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up. This was a family outing that we'd spent a month looking forward to.
In December, we went to Disney on Ice. Before the show, we had stopped to the McDonald's on Hartley Bridge Road for a quick dinner. We loved it. It was new, clean, and modern. There's no playground to distract little ones from finishing dinner or not wanting to leave.
So, this time we stopped there again. But, our visit was less than stellar like before. It was not as clean and the service was slow. :(
But, Allyson could not have enjoyed it more. Her happy meal was in a box and there was a toy.

We were a few minutes early. I found a cute photo op!

Daddy bought her a Zoey doll. She has to sleep with it every night.

We were just eight rows back from center stage. Far back enough to keep Allyson at a safe and happy distance from big, costumed characters, but close enough for great pictures.

At intermission, a vendor came out with all of these balloons. He sold every single one of them and they were $8 each. I was stunned that they were so much. At least our little Zoey will last a lot longer!

After intermission, out came Elmo's World. I thought the stage looked so cute!

It was a great show. The performers were so talented. They were right on step with all the dances in those huge costumes. I don't know how they do it!

Allyson is still talking about the "Elmo Show". We'll have to go see Sesame Street Live again sometime.
I think I'm all caught up on our latest news now. Hmmm...Let's see. Birthday, check. House pics, check. Water Day, check. And, Elmo show, check. Yup, you are all caught up with the Paces now.
We're lying low for the next couple weeks until VBS and a visit from our nephew, Josh. That's our June adgenda. Oh, and trying to get in shape for vacation. It's gonna be healthy food and working out with a personal trainer for the next few weeks. Fun, fun! :D


Stacia said...

Looks like Allyson had fun on her night out! Great view of the stage too.

Amber said...

Allyson is precious in that top pic!