Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water Day and Good-bye Daycare!

Allyson is officially done with daycare for the rest of the summer while Mommy is home from work.
Two days before her last day, her two-year-old class had Water Day. She brought her bathing suit and towel to school to play with water toys.
I asked her teacher to keep my camera and take some pictures of the fun. I'm so glad I did! She got some awesome shots and even a little video.

My favorite!

Here's a picture of Allyson with her teachers, Ms. Shay and Ms. LaJean. Allyson gave them the shirts as a good-bye and thank you gift. They gave her a whole bagful of goodies to take home to keep busy with this summer. They even threw in a Michael's gift card. I have a feeling that she may have been a bit of a teacher's pet. ;)

A short video of Water Day


Ben and Tabby said...

That's great that the teacher will take pictures for you, so you don't feel like you missed out. Yay for summertime!!

Shay said...

Awe I miss her so much! It was hard going to work Monday knowing she wasn't going to be there. I'm gonna miss her laugh SO much!!!

Stacia said...

Love the new colors on your house!! And Allyson looks super cute at water day! Enjoy having her home all summer!!

Sarah said...

Water Day is so much fun. It looks like Allyson had a blast. I know you are going to enjoy having her home this summer.

Andrea said...

Allyson looks like she had a great time. Abigail can't wait to spend some time with Allyson this summer. Your house looks great.

Susan said...

Miss Allyson has a very photogenic face and cute little full lips. I don't mean to sound weird, I notice those things in people having grown up around a mother who modeled. Glad you're out for summer, enjoy your time off! I'll post pics as soon as possible once little Brandon is here on Monday.