Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Summer Project

If you're a friend of mine you know that every year when we go on vacation a crisis occurs. Two years ago, our Pug, Percy, died. Last year, we had a triple crisis. Our other dog died, our fridge died, and my car was broken into.
So, this year, when we came home from Disney, we were happily surprised that everything was in place.
Then, two days later, we get a call.
Eight months before Mike and I got married, I purchased a home. I LOVED my house! I wanted him to live with me, but since my house was smaller, it just wasn't practical. We decided I would move in with him and we would just rent my house out.
We found a wonderful older lady to live in my two-bedroom house. She paid her rent every month on time and never called us for anything.
The call we received was our tenant. She was in tears. She'd retired only 6 months earlier, but said she lost all her money in the stock market and now had to live with her daughter. She lived there over five years.
So, our summer project has been painting all the rooms in this house. And, looking for a new tenant.

We would love to find someone to buy my house. But, we will rent it out until that happens.

We are asking $750/mo with a $750 deposit. Or, $85,000. Please tell anyone you know that may need a place to live in the Warner Robins area.


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Susan said...

That little house is cute, you shouldn't have trouble selling it. I'll say a prayer!