Friday, July 30, 2010


I am taking up a collection for a king size bed. As you can see, there is no room for me in the one we currently have. :(

Well, my friends, it is HOT!! These are the Dawg Days of summer! Most people say Dog Days. But, if you know me, you know I "talk country" so from my mouth it is dawg!
Just wanted to post a few more pictures of our summer. Earlier this month we attended VBS in Gray where my dad is a preacher. The kids had a wonderful time! This is not a great picture, but I just love seeing Allyson looking so happy in her Nana's lap.
The song leader (my dad) for VBS was a gorilla. This made a few kids cry and scream or even get violent. But, Allyson loved the gorilla. She was so brave! She's getting her treat bag and ceertificate.

This summer Allyson attended gymnastics on Tuesday mornings. She really enjoyed it. We go for fun, not really to push her into the Olympics or anything like that. This picture was from the last day. They told them to wear swimsuits.

Allyson with her teacher Ms. Tracey.

I didn't realize until we arrived that the reason they were supposed to wear swimsuits was because they had a water day planned.

Here she is with some friends from her class.

Later, Mommy needed a pedicure. Allsyon got to sit in a chair for a while. I may not take her to the nail salon with me again for 2 reasons.
1. I don't get to relax as much.
2. It has occured to me that this is spoiling. And, she's already hard enough to deal with!

We went to Lane Packing last week to play and have lunch. This picture of Mariah is the only one I took. But, I love it!
I must tell you that while we were at Lane Allyson only wanted salad for lunch. Hmmm...this is a good thing, I suppose. Just strange for a kid!

Now, this summer the biggest struggle I have had every day is getting Allyson to go lay down and take a nap. Every day we have a huge fight! One of us usually ends up in tears. I won't say who!
Last Sunday, she had "nap time". But, she didn't go to sleep. She just played in her room. Ok, fine. Well, at least she had quiet time, right?
Later, she's watching a movie. She's quiet. I think she must be VERY involved in this movie. I walk by and this is what she's doing.

Yes, on top of the couch! Did I move her? NO WAY! She took a 45 minute nap. So, this tells me that she DOES still need her nap every day.
Allyson will be starting PreK this year. She'll be going to school with me every day. I'm excited about it! I think she'll do well. I just can't believe she's not a baby anymore!

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SuzyQ said...

Love the picture of her on the couch! I have found mine in odd places asleep before because they said they were not tired.