Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cracking Up!

At the park last night as we walk to the car and Daddy carries Allyson on his shoulders, I ask Allyson, "What do we call a person we don't know?"
Allyson's answer:
WHAT?! I fall on the ground laughing hysterically! I guess she would just make up a name, then!
Her Daddy calmly answers, "No, Sweetheart. We call them a Stranger."
And, I'm wondering how he is still standing up.
Today, on the way back from Target I ask her where she got the name Jack-A-Ma-Ham. She said, "From Cat in the Hat. They're always trying to get him to eat ham."
"Ohhhh! No, honey, his name is Sam-I-Am." I'm so relieved we cleared that one up!!
Last night we found a couple fleas on Reuben. Mike explained that I would need to pick up some flea shampoo and I'd need to wash him first thing this morning.
"When you're bathing him, you'll see the dead fleas in the bottom of the tub. Then, you'll know it's working. That's what used to happen when I bathed my dog as a kid."
"Oh, you had a dog? What kind?" I ask.
"A jack russell," he replies.
"Oh, what was his name?"
Michael stares at me like he doesn't want to tell me. So, I press for an answer.
"His name was Mike," he says.
"Mike?! You named your dog after yourself!" I scream as I bust out laughing.
"Well, my parents called me Michael." he explains, which is still crazy, because I'm sure everyone else called him Mike.
So, after I told Allyson about Sam-I-Am in the car, I tell her about how Daddy had a dog when he was a little boy and the dog's name was Mike.
She thinks that is the funniest joke she's ever heard.
Then, she goes on this rant. "Reuben has a dog and its name is Reuben. I have a dog and his name is Allyson Paige Pace. Mommy, you have a dog. Guess what him's name is?"
"What, Allyson?" I already know the answer!
"Dawn! And, Ralston and Riley have a dog. Him's name is Riley and Ralston! And, Hailey and Jack have a dog! Its name is Hailey and Jack! And, Ella has a dog, too! It's name is Ella!"
So, glad my child has inherited my sense of humor! :D


Kristen said...


I love how Mike's dog's name was Mike. That is HILARIOUS!

Allyson is a hoot!

BForrester said...

I'm at home alone- sitting at a laptop- laughing out loud until I cry!I'll need a story a day at work to keep me going- Alison may be the cure for our work woes!

Steve Finnell said...

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Stacia said...

That was hilarious!!! I can't believe Mike had a dog named Mike!! Better yet was Allyson totally getting the humor in it too :)

covnitkepr1 said...

Jack-a ma-Ham!!! I'll have to remember that one.
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mic_comte said...

Mike is my name, and I don't like to see it used for a dog. Next time please choose in those lists a real dog name:
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Andrea said...

Allyson is so funny now! I love hearing all her stories. She's got such an imagination.