Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Here are some highlights from our Summer 2010. I'm looking forward to the upcoming school year in some ways. Allyson will be going to school with me this year. She's going to Pre-K. We are very excited about that. But, in other ways I feel a bit of anxiety. The media clerks in Houston County elementary and middle schools were cut. So, this year I will have to do my job and the clerk's job. I'll need to try and figure out how to clone myself. I hear it's not easy to do that.

Anyway, here's a recap of some of our fun times this summer.

Our VBS theme was Great Escapes with God. Allyson really enjoyed herself. This was the first year that she was not in the youngest group. She's getting so big so fast. Here she is with her teachers Ms. Veronica and Ms. KK.

I worked in a craft room with older kids and Mike was in a story room playing the part of a herald. Here's a family pic from the last night of VBS.

VBS was from Sunday-Wednesday for two hours each night. There were story rooms for Jonah, the fiery furnace, Paul & Silas, and Daniel. They were awesome. Everyone worked so hard.

Here's my Herald Angel hard at work! There was some fog so that's why it looks cloudy.


Allyson took swimming lessons during June. Her lessons were at her daycare. She wasn't enrolled anymore, but they let her attend since there were slots available.

She was right at home with some old friends. Here are two of her favorites-Savannah on the left and Bailey on the right.

Her teacher wasa young guy who was a certified lifeguard. He was very patient with her. She did end up learning how to swim, but I think we may need more lessons next year.


After our Disney trip it was time for July 4th festivities. We attended the free concert at the WRHS stadium. The Air Force band performed as well as Diamond Rio and then a 20-minute firewoks display. It was awesome and I'm so glad we decided to go into the stadium this year.

Our friends Pam & Dave invited us. Their daughter came just before dark. She had been at work. Allyson thinks Kelsey hung the moon!

The next day we went to my parents' house. They have a cookout each year to celebrate. the 4th is also their anniversay. This was number 35!

Allyson and her daddy fishing.

My sister helping Allyson and cousin Caleb feed the ducks.

Andrea & Nirav have gone to my parents' July 4th party with us several times over the past few years. Andrea made Abigail's dress. Abigail is always so photogenic.

Daddy found a remote-control boat to play around with.

The Shah's. Abigail's chewing on her necklace. hehe


A fuzzy pic of us watching the guys set off the fireworks.

Summer is not over yet! I still hope to have some more fun.
However, it is that time of year when people start saying, "So, are you ready to go back to work?" First of all, I'm not really sure why people think it is appropriate to speak in this way. I find it highly offensive! :)


Kristen said...

I love all the pictures Dawn! Allyson is just the most precious little princess! hehe Miss y'all! Hopefully we will see y'all soon!

Stacia said...

You have had a great summer!! so proud of Allyson and her swimming! that is such a good thing to learn and I really want mine to take lessons soon. so... are you ready to go back to work?!? JK :)

Susan said...

Fun summer! Loved seeing all the pics. Boy do I miss WR church.

Andrea said...

Love all of your pictures! It's been a great summer. I've had such a great time on all of our playdates.