Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Little School Girl

Well, this post is exactly 2 weeks late! I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Allyson's first day of school.
Even though, Allyson is still 3 she was old enough to start Pre-K at Linwood Elementary.

Making her lunch choice. She brought home lunch. Did you notice her Alice in Wonderland lunchbox? A souvenier from Disney.

Allyson got right down to business. :)

Here's her teacher, Mrs. Young. Not really sure why Allyson made a fish face! haha

Hanging up her book bag on her hook.

She got tired of having her picture made, I guess. So, she would not take a picture with me. I just covered my face, too. :) She's peeking, though!

Here's Allyson in the media center. That's Mama's classroom. I love having her at school with me!

Showing off her Disney Princess backpack and Dora shoes that Daddy got her. :) She wore her leopard print dress because at our school the leopard is our mascot.

So, far she's doing great. She's getting better at writing her name and recognizing letters. She's learned a lot of new songs. We're so proud of her!
Can't believe she'll be 4 TOMORROW!


Andrea said...

She looks so cute on her first day of school. She's such a big girl now. We had a great time celebrating her birthday with her.

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