Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankful for so much!

We are Thankful for Friends!
Here's Allyson with her friend Cody. Cody had a little birthday party after evening church services a couple weeks ago. I thought this picture turned out cute!

Look at my husband helping to get our Thanksgiving feast prepared. He must've been hungry!
Allyson and Aunt Robbi

These little cousins have so much fun! Allyson moved Caleb's chair next to hers so that they could have their Thanksgiving dinner side by side. She doesn't look like she had surgery just the day before! She had tubes put back in her ears and her adenoids removed.

Papa and Allyson headed to the playground

My sister just found out that she is having a GIRL! I can't wait to meet her!
Allyson with my parents

We are Thankful for Family!
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Stacia said...

Your thanksgiving looked wonderful! Glad to know Allyson is doing so well after her surgery!