Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Carols by Allyson

You may have a certain way that you sing your Christmas carols, but Allyson has her own way. No matter how you try and correct her, she is just going to sing them her way.

Here's Allyson's way:

From We Wish You a Merry Christmas
"Bud tidings we bring to you and your kids
Bud tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

From When Christmas Comes to Town (The Polar Express Soundtrack)
"Presents for the children wrapped in red and green
All the things I've heard about, but never really seen,
No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve
Hoping Santa's on HIM'S way..."


Michael and I decided not to exchange Christmas gifts this year. Instead, we bought a new bed (excluding frame).

Here is a picture of our old bed. I told Allyson she could jump on it to her heart's content the night before the new mattress set would arrive. She really got into it.

New mattress set, new bedding, and new pillows. It's been VERY hard to get out of bed each morning!

Merry Christmas!
Love, the Paces


Stacia said...

love your new bedding...very pretty!

Dawn said...

I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I wanted a dark color ('cause it'll get dirty!!) with some green in it to match our wall color. I love it, too! Thanks!

Andrea said...

Love your new bed! Looks like Allyson was having a lot of fun jumping on the bed.