Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to Make a New Year's Resolution

Allyson was with me in my room as I was dressing the other day. I was in my underwear when she says,"Mommy, you got a baby in your tummy!"
Now, she has been saying this for months. She's told everyone at church. Even her daycare teacher pulled me to the side to ask if I was pregnant. So, I've had enough. I decided to squelch this once and for all.
So, I sucked in my tummy as tight as I could and I said, "No, Allyson, Mommy does not have a baby in her tummy. Look how skinny I am. There's no baby in there."
Then, I turned away from her so I could breathe. And, she says, "There's a baby in your booty!"
Great. Nice.
So, for my New Year's Resolution, I'll be cutting back on the sugar and hitting the gym regularly.

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Susan said...

Hilarious!!! Just hilarious! I understand though, its been six months since I had Brandon and I still look about 5 months pregnant. We can do it, better bodies here we come!