Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ladies Retreat 2009

November 6-8 was our annual ladies retreat. It was in Dahlonega, Georgia. A very beautiful setting in the North Georgia mountains.
We left Friday at 10:00 am. We stopped at Georgia Premium Outlets for lunch and a little shopping. I could have lived there!
Our accomodations were less than stellar, but all that mattered was the fact that we were all together and were able to uplift one another. There were 51 ladies that attended the retreat this year. What a blessing!
Stepping Through a Magazine
During our free time on Saturday, we visited the Southern Living Idea House. It was beautiful and already decorated for Christmas. I had seen this house in SL before, but I never thought I'd ever have the chance to go.

Here is my friend and co-worker Angela Jones. She's the med tech at my school. We have a blast together! It is such a blessing to work with a Christian sister.

My mom with a cookie-cutter tree.

Too bad the peak of Autumn had passed. Still very beautiful views.

Yep, I could live here, have my friends over, ya know!

Maybe they will let me move in after they see how at home I am here...


There were even carolers!

Then, we headed to Downtown Dahlonega to find some souveniers to take home for our families. Here's the square.

Back at the retreat...
Busted! I took this picture of two people (Crystal & Johanna) trying to break into Sarah and Stacia's room!
That evening we gathered in a circle outside (and it was chilly!) to sing and light each other's candles. We chose a person to say encouraging things to and thank for being an encouragement to us.
Here are two of my new friends, Lisa and her daughter Rebecca. They attend in Byron.

My mom lit my Aunt Janice's candle. My aunt broke her arm in a recent car accident.

The candleligt was lovely shining on the faces of all the ladies.

The dining room had quite a bit of wildlife.

Breakfast on Sunday

Angela and me, ready for church

The entire group

The retreat was organized this year by Ashley Casson, Kim Bencun, and Jean Bodien. Crystal Bivins and Connie Crowe were speakers. They all did such a wonderful job!
Can't wait for next year!


Andrea said...

So glad you all had a great time! Wish I could have gone but there's always next year.

Amber said...

Looks like fun--I loved it the one time I got to go. I didn't know that Souther Living did a model home--that's pretty cool.

Kristen said...

I think you mean Julie Gibb, not Lisa?

Anyway looks like a great time had by all - maybe next year I can go? We shall see!

Dawn said...

Yes, thanks, Kristen!

Susan said...

What a nice time! Our church needs to start things like that.