Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally Posting about Halloween!

So, here we are now nearly two weeks into November and I am finally posting about the last two weeks in October!
First, I have a few pictures to share from our church fall festival and trunk or treat.
Here's my little mouse. I really got my $'s worth out of this costume!
She wore it to:
  • Playhouse Disney Live
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Gymnastics
  • Day Care
  • and Halloween


Getting ready to Trunk or Treat

Shah's Trunk

Thompson's Trunk with flash

Without flash...Very spooky!

Our trunk.
I didn't even take a picture. Andrea sent this to me!
Thanks, girl!

One week later....
We had a Halloween party at our house. It was hosted by the Shahs and the Paces.
We had some very interesting dishes to sample.
From Jan



Scary hands

We had interesting guests as well.

Here are the little trick or treaters. (r-l):
Abigail and her mommy, Riley, Hailey, Not Sure (JK, it's Cody!), Allyson, Ralston, Jack, Laney, and Ella

Another shot

There was a haunted house on our back porch. The kids all lined up to go out and see.

I should have taken pictures of the haunted house. It was so awesome! Mike and Nirav worked on it all afternoon. Larry helped, too. Nirav was the host as you stepped out. There was a very realistic spider, guts and eyeballs to touch, a spooky flying ghost, and a laughing/roaring Daddy ghost.
This made Allyson cry. She did not want her daddy to be a ghost!
Abigail was the cutest little pumpkin fairy! Andrea was a lovely witch with purple hair. I was a farm girl, but I didn't get in any of my pictures.
Mama Jan was a witch, too. :D

Time to Trick or Treat!

We stopped by Ms. Sylvia's house.

The kids got SO MUCH CANDY! The buckets overflowed and we had to put the rest of the candy in plastic bags.
There were fangs in some treat bags! So scary!

After the party, there was a slumber party. Laney and Ella spent the night.
Here's a lovely pose from the girls. :D


Andrea said...

Love all your Halloween pics! I still have to post mine. I'm so glad I got to host the party with you. We had such a great time. Allyson looked so cute as Minnie Mouse!

SuzyQ said...

I love that last picture. Too funny!

Amber said...

Your Halloween party looked like fun. I wish we would have had something fun to do other than trick or treat.

Susan said...

You've been busy! The holidays are only just starting too!