Friday, February 12, 2010

Allyson's Prince

This post is dedicated to Allyson's Prince Charming. Perhaps you didn't know that our little princess has her own Prince Charming. But, she does.
His name is Daddy.
Besides, Mommy (Mom, as I keep getting called lately!) Daddy is her very favorite person.
She loves to...

Pretend to be a teacher and make her daddy be a student.
Rub "him's" elbow.
Cuddle in his lab and watch Arthur when we get home in the afternoons.

And, play at the park, which is really a school playground.

When asked what Allyson likes to do with Daddy she says, "Read stories to him. Color with him.
Draw with him. And, climb on him."

And, her Daddy pretty much does whatever she asks. Which is why she's so in love with him.

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy! You are my Prince!
Love, Allyson

By the way, I used Picnic for the first time. Very cool!


Dawn said...

This is very sweet. Thanks.

Susan said...

Very cute! I love the "him's" and "her's" that our little ones say too. I smile every time the girls speak!