Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not a Baby Anymore...

Allyson has grown up so much. It's sad in a way that my baby just isn't a baby anymore. But, it's also exciting to see how much she's learning and how she is developing.

She blows me away at times with the things she says!

Here's her first day going to her three-year old class at daycare.

But, even though she's getting older, I can still see traces of our little baby.

Monday was her birthday, but her birthday party was last Saturday.

It was an Ariel pool party.

Cheryl Meeks made her cake. She made little shells, stingrays, and other sea "tings" that were all edible. She's very talented.

The party was at Melissa & Jody Cagle's house. Someone asked us when we moved into this house. We were like, "We wish!"

I worried all week that it would rain! It was very overcast that morning. I guess the Lord was listening when I prayed the clouds would go away. They sure did and it got HOT!!

Time to sing!!

Our family

Time to open gifts...

We had to take a break in the middle of opening gifts. Allyson was just slightly overwhelmed and thirsty!

Back to presents!

She opened several dress-up things. Her gift from Mommy & Daddy was a Disney Princess bike.

My sweet sister and nephew

After the party, our families came over for pizza and for my sister to open her gifts. Her birthday had been the Wednesday before. (See my previous post)

The kids played.

Josh tried on the gun belt.


On her birthday...

We took a few pictures before school. Since it was her birthday, I let her wear her tiara.

I took snacks to her class. She's passing out Ariel napkins.

I took Little Debbie brownies, grapes, and Capri Suns.

Here's Allyson with her teachers, Ms. Brittany and Ms. Kelli

Can you believe she will start Pre-K next year? I try not to think about it!

That evening, I set a Princess table.

We had Allyson's favorites: Mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, and corn.

We had to change to get ready to go to our first gymnastics class.

Blow out the candles!

Little glamour girl with purse and sunglasses

Her teacher said she did well, but we have to work on some things like listening and taking turns. Well, she is the youngest in the class!

The next day, she went to the doctor for her three-year old check up. We were told that she is average in height and weight, but developmentally she is beyond average, she's more like 5! The doctor said she has certainly had enough alone time if we're ready for number two!

She just not a baby anymore!


Susan said...

Our little girls are growing up! I can remember when we emailed back and forth while we lived in Alaska; you and I were so frustrated that we weren't pregnant yet! I can't wait until you announce you're expecting #2!

Amber said...

She's definetly not a baby anymore! I love the sleeping picture. It's the only time we can get a little glimpse of our babies. Cute party idea and the cake was adorable!

Stacia said...

The party was a blast even if it was hot. I'm so glad the weather turned out for you... I was getting nervous that morning :) The sleeping picture is so sweet, and you made her day so special with all those extra touches... favorite dinner, crown etc... Can't wait to hear more about gymnastics! She looked too cute with her hair up like that!

Ben and Tabby said...

A pool party! What fun! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday. She is a very blessed little girl! I love her updo! :)

Andrea said...

We had such a great time at Allyson's birthday party. I love the princess picture and the picture of Allyson with her sunglasses on. Allyson is such a big girl now. She will love gymnastics since she's such a daredevil. Allyson will make a great big sister. I can't wait to see her with a little baby. She does such a great job with Abigail.

Dawn said...

Just so no one gets the wrong idea from Andrea's comment, I'm NOT pregnant. Being pregnant wouldn't hurt my feelings, but I'm NOT! :D