Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Hard Day's Work

Today, Mike and Allyson went on a field trip. Mike's dad has been sick lately, so they went to South Georgia to see him.
Mike's parents live in Cuthbert, Georgia. When they arrived in town, they stopped to see Mike's mom at the nursing home where she works. As you can see, Allyson enjoyed playing with all the cool things at her desk.
This was a surprise visit. Mike's mom was thrilled to see them and so was his dad. Mike's dad hasn't seen Allyson in a couple years, so he was surprised at how big she is and how much she talks.
Please keep Mike's dad, Powell Pace, in your prayers. We are hoping that he will be back in good health soon.
I wanted to post first day of school pictures (yeah, I know it's just daycare!), but my camera died before I could upload the pics. So, that will be for another post!

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Ben and Tabby said...

Allyson looks so cute sitting at that desk! Like a big girl! I will be keeping Mike's dad in my prayers.