Friday, July 31, 2009

The Thorn in My Side and the Macon

Yes, there is a beach in Macon. :D
It is at Lake Tobesofkee. This past Saturday, our family had a picnic there.
Here are some pictures. The kids had a blast!

Caleb is building his sand castle.

Papa and Nana playing with the kids.

Caleb is such an adorable and sweet little fella. He has my heart!

That evening, we were invited to Aunt Andrea & Uncle Nirav's for some delicious Indian food. Nirav spent all day cooking. It was all FANTASTIC!!!

The appetizers
Allyson ate mac-n-cheese and watched Noggin while we ate. Soon Baby Abigail will join her at the little table. :D

Allyson had to say good-bye to her friend, Rachel. Rachel and her family have had to move to DC. We will miss the Brittons!

So, what is the "Thorn in my Side"?
Well, it has been my pantry! It has been extremely cluttered and just a terrific mess for, oh, the past four years, I guess!!!
Today, I just got in there and GOT IT DONE!!
I started with the shelves on the door. I made labels for each shelf. I used to think labels were just crazy. I mean, can't you just remember where everything goes? Well, Mike and I seem to think that the same things just go in different places. So, stuff was everywhere. Just a big jumble. The labels should help. Everything now has an assigned place!

Inside, there is now a place for breakfast items, canned goods, pasta, and rice, etc.

When I finished, I just couldn't stop staring and admiring my work.
In a way, I wish I had taken "before" shots. But, my family might find that slightly humiliating! :D

Unfortunately, I still have some other "thorns". Namely, Allyson's closet. Right now, the door won't shut!


Dawn said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I threw out TWO large trash bags of out-of-date and other old items from the pantry. I also found a bottle of sunscreen and one of Allyson's bows that I had declared lost forever! It was a very productive endeavor. I think I'll reward myself by ordering Chinese for dinner! :D

Dawn said...

ALSO, we're going to save $ now. I kept buying things we already had because I thought we were out. I mean, I didn't see it in the pantry! :D

Stacia said...

good job on your pantry! it looks very organized. and your cousins prize is awesome!

Andrea said...

Your pantry looks great. We're trying to get our house organized too. We enjoyed having you over for dinner. So glad you enjoyed all the food.

Susan said...

That's funny, I do the same thing- buy too many of one thing thinking we're out. For instance, 3 boxes of Bisquick and 2 packs of Oreos. Oh darn, too many cookies we're forced to eat!

Ben and Tabby said...

The beach trip looks like fun! I think that the lake probably looks the same as the ocean to little kids. :) I'm totally jealous of the Indian food! And your pantry looks great! I have a lot of organizing to do too!