Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June is already over?!

Well, June flew by which means that summer is halfway over. :(
We have been so busy. I have not taken the time to update my blog very well. Even now, I'm mostly going to just post pics with captions.

We came home from town one evening. There had been a shower and there was a fabulous puddle in our driveway. I told Allyson she could play in it. She looked at me as if to say, "Really?!"
She splashed a little and said something about not getting her dress wet. Then, I told her that it was okay to get her dress wet. "Really?!"

On the 17th, we met Mike's mom in Albany for dinner and to get our nephew, Josh. He was able to stay with us for about a week and a half. We had dinner at Logan's.

Grandma loves Allyson!

A Father's Day breakfast fit for a king. Of our house, anyway. Turkey bacon, grits, toast, watermelon, grapes, and strawberries with juice.

Father's Day kisses

Giving Papa his gift...

Here's Josh, our 14 year-old nephew. He and Allyson were quite a pair. She said he was her bestest friend.

VBS pictures

She looks like, "Umm...Yeah, I could pretty much teach this class myself. I'm almost three, ya know!"

Last Thursday, we celebrated Andrea's 30th birthday at Burger King, where else! She's a mommy now!!

Last day of VBS

I loved watching Allyson sing all the songs. This is the first year that she' really gotten it.

The Craft Room Cuties-L to R: Cheryl, Bre, Me, and Angela

Allyson was very proud of her outside artwork.

Friday night, we took Josh to the Indian Restaurant to experience some culture. He ordered cheese sticks and chicken fingers. That boy was missing out! Seriously!

Andrea, Neato, and Abigail had dinner with us, too. Here's a pic of Allyson and Abigail. They are cousins, can't you tell?! :D

Saturday, we had more VBS. This time in Gray. It was a Western Theme. Something about "Pair-a-Bulls". (Like parables)

My dad really got into the theme.

Monday night, we celebrated Josh's birthday at Stevie B's. He turned 14 right before coming to visit.

Cheryl made this cookie cake and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Josh's birthday guests. L-R: Cameron, Josh, Cody, & Owen

When we got home, Allyson and Josh cooled off with the sprinkler beach ball in the backyard. They played so well together.

I took Josh to get a haircut earlier that day. He looked so handsome! We took Josh home last night. We miss him already!

Josh took this pic of Allyson and me. This is exactly the way things are right now. She is such a Mommy's girl. Always on top of me. Always in my lap and giving me kisses. I love my little girl!


Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! You are a great Mommy for letting Allyson play in that puddle. That's what life is all about. And, I love that last picture of you and her together. So sweet.

Stacia said...

Love the story about Allyson in the puddle!! And I'm so glad you got to spend some time with Mike's nephew...he looks like he enjoyed himself. Love the last picture of you and Allyson.

Amber said...

I love busy summers! The puddle picture is just priceless and the last one is so sweet.

Sarah said...

I love that you described the rain puddle as fabulous. You're such a girl. You are right, summer is going by way too fast.

Andrea said...

You had a really busy month! Glad your nephew got to stay and spend time with Allyson. I can't wait to see the pics of your cruise.