Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family and Fame

On Labor Day Weekend, Allyson and I traveled to LA with my mom for a family reunion. Now, when I say LA, I mean Lower Alabama. :D
Have you ever heard of Opp? It's a small town in LA, and surprisingly, most people that live in Alabama have heard of it. It's on the way to the beach, you see.
Well, we spent quite a while on the front porch of a home for the elderly visiting my great aunts, Aunt Caron and Aunt Zelda. (Pronounced Aint Kayron and Aint Zelder)
The "creepy mouse" kept coming around. This caused squealing from young ones and old ones alike. :D Allyson was putting the "creepy mouse" on my mom. Aunt Caron is looking on.

Here is Aunt Zelda with Allyson and me.

This little handsome fella is my first cousin's youngest. This is 10 month-old Cooper.

Aunt Caron is getting the creepy mouse. My mom's sister, Janice, Cooper, first cousin Jon, and Baby Olivia (his neice) are on the swing.

Here is Allyson with her 2nd cousins, Erin and Jenny.

You can actually spend quite a bit of time on the front porch of a home for the elderly. We were late for dinner. Blame it on Alabama time.

If you get bored spending time on the front porch of a home for the elderly, you can walk around and take random pictures of yard decorations.

Here's Aunt Janice and my mom. The theme of the weekend was, "Here, hold a baby."

We had quite a crew, outnumbered by kids. We didn't have a relaxing weekend, but it was enjoyable. It's always worth it to be with family.

As far as fame..
Well, I'm not famous, but I met a famous person today.
I went to a book signing at Sam's in Macon to meet
Nicholas Sparks

He was signing his new book The Last Song.

It will be a movie starring Miley Cyrus coming out in January.
I invited Andrea, but really she took me. We rode in her car and she had a Sam's card. I was her guest.

A group photo

I was so giddy! After the photo, I stood up, but he was still talking to me, so I sat back down. And, then when I walked away, I nearly forgot my camera. I was just slightly star-struck!

The book signing was to begin at noon. Andrea and I got in line at 10 am. We sat a chatted for an hour and then I went to get us some pizza and drinks. When I got back, he was starting to sign already! We had to rush to eat because we were near the beginning of the line. There were people and cameras from CNN. I'm sure they captured me shoving pizza in my face!

We were leaving Sam's at about 11:30. We were both thankful that he started signing early.

It was totally worth it to meet my favorite author. I took all my books for him to sign, but there were so many people that he would only sign his new book.

I wanted to say something he doesn't hear all the time. I'm sure he's always hearing, "I'm your biggest fan!" or "I've read all your books and seen all your movies!"
So, I said, "I'm a fan of yours on Facebook." That got an eyebrow raise and then he said some other things to me about a newsletter. He was very friendly and, well, HOTT!
Meeting Mr. Sparks was the highlight of my week, hands down!
Thanks for taking me, Andrea!


Dawn said...

I am very glad that the anonymous person said that said "You are an idiot!" has removed the comment. Yes, you can find out what someone said even after the comment has been deleted. This is MY blog. It is the diary of the things that my family and I do together. If you don't like it, then please don't read it. You certainly don't need to be ugly. I will keep you in my prayers that you stop being so hateful to people.

Susan said...

You've gotten a comment like that too? Clearly they are the idiot because they didn't realize you can still see things once deleted. Anyway, I saw all about your star struck experience on FB. Thanks again for getting me into FB, I'm hooked!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad that I decided to go with you to Macon. I had such a great time. Abigail loved meeting Nicolas Sparks. She said that he's very handsome. So glad that you got to spend some time with your family. And thanks again for watching Abigail for us.