Tuesday, January 19, 2010

(No Caption) Or, Maybe You Can Think of One!

Can you come up with a caption for this picture?
I am really at a loss!

Michael took this picture last night while I was at a Ladies Salad Supper.
He did not dress her up this way. He said she just walked in the living room looking just like this.
Notice she is wearing PJ's. So, he did get her ready for bed. Then, he mopped the kitchen.

Wow, my man is so awesome!

So, to make this interesting, I will pick a winner for the best caption! And, the winner will recieve...

A post on my blog dedicated to him or her!

I know you are dying to play this game!

So, have fun! (And, be nice! This is my kid! :D)


Amy said...

Texan Cinderella is as efficient as she is beautiful! She keeps her pj's on so when the clock strikes 12 she can hop right into bed!

Susan said...

Modeling the latest winter fashion, Allyson dons the "Ariel meets Howdy Doodie". Such daring fashion pairing is always seen on this stylish little tot. Whether it's an ocean outing or a rodeo, this babe is hot to trot!

Kristen said...


Dawn said...

You guys are so hilarious! This is gonna be difficult! :D Susan, you could write for a magazine!!

Dawn said...

Little Lady Gaga