Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check Out This Website

My husband told me about this website. I'd never heard of it. Mybe I'm behind and you have heard of it. It's

I found pictures of Morgan's grave and my grandmothers.

Click here to search for a grave. Probably not the most fun search, but...interesting.


Stacia said...

Wow! I have NEVER heard of that, kind of cool and weird at the same time :)

Dawn said...

Yes, I agree. I've never taken a picture of Morgan's grave before. I just don't want to remember her that way. But, it is far away and I rarely visit.

Kristen said...

Hmm... May have to look up some relatives! Is that morbid?

I don't really know who Morgan is but I remember you said you lost a child before, is that her? I don't blame you for never taking a photo of the grave before if so. That's difficult.

Love you Dawn!

Susan said...

That's neat, odd but neat. For some reason I couldn't find my grandparents though. Oh well, like you said Dawn, you don't really want to have a picture to remember it by.

Susan said...

Actually it really isn't odd or morbid. There are people who maybe couldn't attend a funeral or a loved one was buried overseas. For some I guess its the only link they have to a family member or friend.