Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fair with a Friend

Meet Eleanor Pauley Durant. She is the newest member of the Durant family that we attend church with. We were so honored to meet her yesterday at the hospital here in Warner Robins. She is just beautiful and we are so happy for Brandon, Leah, and big-brother Phillip.

We met Eleanor before we headed to the Georgia National Fair. We figured four-year old Phillip would be bored out of his mind hanging out all evening at the hospital, so we invited him to come to the fair with us.
Allyson really enjoyed having a friend go along. Mike spent the entire evening with a kid holding each hand.
We looked at some animals before heading to the midway. Allyson and Phillip were able to pet a rabbit. Phillip wanted to know the rabbit's name. I don't remember what it was, though!

Phillip wanted to sit on every tractor. We are not used to boys! :D

"Oh, no!" says Allyson. "I'm a city girl and I don't know what to do!"

Riding in the caboose

Teacup ride

Phillip came down the giant slide with Michael. Allyson came down BY HERSELF! I was so shocked I didn't get a picture!

On the ferris wheel, Allyson and Phillip both wanted to sit with Mr. Mike. :(

Phillip wanted to play the fishing game and Allyson did not argue. She's a little obsessed with fishing and she never has even been fishing. They were so funny reeling in fish. The string is just tied at the end. They can reel in all day!! LOL!

They both won a prize after catching three ducks. They chose light-up swords.

Love it!

The carousel.

Time to go. The kids got cotton candy for the road.

I love the lights reflecting on the water. I thought that would make a nice picture, but I was surprised that a speedboat zoomed right by as I was snapping the photo. So, I thought this picture came out neat. A little action. Lights, camera, action!! :D

We had so much fun! We really enjoyed having Phillip with us. Thank goodness for our wallet the fair only comes once a year!


Kristen said...

Love the pics! Looks like the kiddos had a lot of fun! We're going again Friday (we had free tix last Friday) and hopefully we will be able to go earlier so we can get some fun in before sitting at the booth from 6-10!

Eleanor is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her when she's brought to WR and we're there!

Susan said...

The pic of Mike holding two kiddos hands just proves he'll do well with another one! :) Fill his hands with kids, you're in his heart.

Stacia said...

that was so sweet of you to take Phillip and I'm jealous that you've already met miss eleanor! love that last picture you took with the boat in it. turned out really good!