Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We found a cat and he's ours now

Meet Pickles our new furry pet.

I found him in front of our house in the road. I didn't want this kitten to meet the same fate as Reuben, so we brought him in. He had a collar and we tried to find his owner. We had signs out at our mailbox for a week, but no one claimed him.

And, Allyson got quite attached pretty quickly.

We had a dress-up week earlier this month to celebrate Read Across America.

On Favorite Book Character Day, Allyson had to be Rapunzel.

She's a little Tangled Crazy! Of course we had to get the movie yesterday when it came out. It is currently playing on our TV for the 3rd time since yesterday!

We also had Wacky Tacky Day

I have TONS more to post about since it has been so long. Hopefully, I can get it done before Spring Break is over!

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