Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission Work in Haiti

I'm asking for prayers from everyone.

for my dad, Glenn Schliebner.

He leaves Saturday to go to Haiti for mission work at the church there near the earthquake site.

He'll be gone a week.

Thanks, everyone! I'm so proud of him!
My dad's mission trip fell through. He won't be going to Haiti after all. He got a call early this morning to tell him not to come. It's either a problem with the weather (it's the rainy season now) or the government. It's too bad. He's disappointed. He had tons of candy and movies to show the kids there. He was going to teach English and the Bible.
I'm still proud of him for wanting to go and doing something good to help others. He does that everyday, though! :)


Kristen said...

Saw your parents earlier this week! We are definitely praying for him and the work there!

Phyllis said...

Your dad will probably not be checking your blog today but I will tell him about it. He will appreciate all prayers, and for me too while he is gone.

Susan said...

That first pic is Mendenhall glacier in AK... I would bet! Remember it! We'll pray for your dad's work and safe return. What a great opportunity he's been given to help!

Dawn said...

Yeah, that pic is one that he and my mom took on the Alaska cruise they went on last summer. I'm sure you're right, Susan!